Bear or Bull Market? Your Vote for State Treasurer May Keep Vermont In Debt with Unfunded Liabilites!

Do we need to vote for a new Treasurer for the State of Vermont? Is the current State Treasurer actually admitting she’s having a hard time? Is ten years of her control over our taxpayer dollars enough?

If you always vote with your political party line, if they have you like a fish, hook-line-and sinker, then don’t cry when the sinker
takes you down.

Here are the candidates running for the office of State Treasurer on the statewide ballot for the Nov. 3, 2020 election. Voting has begun.

Carolyn Whitney Branagan of Georgia, VT, Republican
no website listed on 2020 qualified candidate listing at Sec. of State

Cris Ericson of Chester, VT, Progressive

Beth Pearce – currently in office, of Barre City, VT, Democratic

Alex Wright, of Essex, VT, Indpendent
no website listed on 2020 qualified candidate listing at Sec. of State

On Beth Pearce’s political campaign website issues page we can see
“The financial case to protect Vermont’s water”.
Does she ever go fishing or swimming or kayaking ot canoeing?
Does she know one-third of Vermonters draw their
drinking water from Lake Champlain and a lot of the
rest depend on wells?
The first and foremost reason to keep Vermont’s water
clear and clean is our health and happiness.
She’s been State Treasurer too long if she is accounting
for everything in terms of dollar value.
Do you look at your children and assess their financial
value to you?

September 16, 2020 Downs Rachlin Martin PPLC
Treasurer announces “Very, very big increase” in unfunded liabilities
Vermont State Treasurer Beth Pearce appeared before the House
Appropriations Committee this week and announced that the state would
see a “very, very big increase” in the unfunded liabilities of the state
employee and teacher retirement systems.
Before the announcement, Vermont already faced enormous unfunded
liabilities in its public employee retirement plans – a total of $4.5 billion
for pension payments and health care liabilites. …
…Pearce cited a variety of reasons for the higher liability,
including Covid-related expenses, increased retirements and
adverse investment experience.”

Let’s look at that “adverse investment experience” because
that is exactly why it is time to vote for a new State Treasurer.

In the January 2020 Office of the Vermont State Treasurer
Organization Chart we see a bunch of folks working in
Investments. We, the people, the voters, the taxpayers,
are paying the salaries of investment officers, including a
Chief Investment Officer and an Investment Analyst, etc.
These people are having way too much fun taking risks with our money.
Someone needs to tell them Vermont is not like Las Vegas
or Wall Street. These people, and the fact that Beth Pearce allows them
to do what they are doing, are the problem, the main number one
reason the State of Vermont is in financial trouble.

Over at the online Official Vermont Treasurer’s office, the
Mission Statement includes: “Give Vermont taxpayers an excellent value.
Excellent value to Vermont taxpayers implies highly competent investment
and funds management…” There is no picture of a Las Vegas
slot machine or a Wall Street stock exchange, so we are left with our
own imaginations as to what on earth these people are doing with
our taxpayer dollars that have resulted in billions of dollars in
unfunded liabilities.

The problem is, that on Wall Street the big boys
in the stock market know what they are doing because they have
Phds in math and computer science and can dance circles around
the nice folks in Vermont who have put the Vermont taxpayers’ portfolio
into billions of dollars in unfunded liabilities. Vermonters don’t have
the necessary education to compete with Wall Street Brokers and

Cris Ericson is on the ballot for 5 (five) offices including Vermont
State Treasurer. She is determined to bring free wifi to every person
in Vermont, homeless or mountain hillbiliies, one and all because
Free wifi for everyone in Vermont is the best investment the State of
Vermont can make right now because there are all kinds of free college
courses online and free online K-12 education. If Cris is elected State
Treasurer she will speak up about the best use of all of Vermont’s tax
dollars and how to make them grow, how to create money accumulation
plans rather than wilted tomatoes on the vine in the first frost.

Cris Ericson has not yet received her voting ballot in the mail, have you?
She heard that the Vermont Secretary of State Jim Condos
had the ballots printed in Vermont and then shipped
to Massachusetts to an undisclosed business in an undisclosed
city which will then mail the voting ballots to individual Vermont
voters for the Nov. 3, 2020 election. Woah! Sounds like Vermont
is guaranteed to be involved in federal litigation over the outcome
of the 2020 Presidential election. Of course, an unclear voting outcome
will affect all statewide races including State Treasurer.
Who cut the check for all of this?

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