VT AFL-CIO Back Emilie Kornheiser and Mollie Burke For State Rep – Endorse Progressive Slate

For Immediate Release
September 4, 2020
Subject: VT AFL-CIO Backs Progressive Slate
From: Vermont AFL-CIO Executive Board

VT AFL-CIO Contact:
David Van Deusen,
VT AFL-CIO President
Phone (802) 522-5812
Email dvandeusen@afscme93.org


Vermont AFL-CIO Supports:
• Progressive David Zuckerman For Governor;
• All Progressives Running For VT House & Senate;
• Nine Democrats From Workers’ Caucus For VT House & Senate;

9/4/20, Montpelier, Vermont – The Executive Board of the Vermont AFL-CIO, representing 10,000 Union members across the Green Mountain State, have unanimously voted to recommend the entire Progressive Party slate for the 2020 VT House & Senate elections. This unprecedented General Election move highlights an emerging solidarity and coordination between the Vermont AFL-CIO and the Vermont Progressive Party on the Vermont Left.

Vermont AFL-CIO President David Van Deusen States: “As we continue to struggle through the pandemic, the continuing economic crisis, systemic racism, attacks on the working class, and a rise of neo-fascism on the national stage, it is clear that politics-as-usual is insufficient in addressing the dire challenges that we are facing. We cannot mitigate a new economic depression through more austerity and cuts. Rather we must seek bold systemic solutions both to racism and economic hardships. The Vermont Progressive Party has time and again been a reliable ally in this fight. We know that with a strong Progressive presence in the Vermont General Assembly, with Progressive David Zuckerman as our next Governor, we will be well-positioned to implement a Union-led Green New Deal. The Progressives have stood by us on Card Check and on every issue we have given priority to in 2019-2020. In turn, we know our 10,000 Union members are ready to stand with the Vermont Progressive Party. Together we can and must build a movement capable of delivering a Vermont whereby the needs of working people come first.”

VT AFL-CIO Backed Progressive Candidates For VT House & Senate Are As Follows: Dylan Stetson Caledonia-1, Emma Mulvaney-Stanak Chit 6-2, Brian Cina Chi-6-4, Selene Colburn Chi-6-4, Tylor Small Chi-6-7, Tanya Vyhovsky Chi 8-1, Dennis Williams Franklin-7, Susan Hatch-Davis Orange-1, Robin Chestnut-Tangerman Rutland-Bennington, Glennie Swell Washington-4, Mollie Burke Windsor 2-2, Heather Surprenant Windsor 4-1, Chris Pearson Chittenden Senate, Luke Richter Franklin Senate, Chole Collins Franklin Senate, Anthony Pollina Washington Senate.

VT AFL-CIO Backed Democratic Candidates For VT House & Senate: As a result of the Democratic & Republican Parties’ unwillingness to advance/adequately support Card Check legislation in 2020 (a top VT AFL-CIO priority), a moratorium was triggered, in accordance with internal Union policy, in recommending endorsements for candidates from these parties for VT House & Senate races. However, by a minimum two-thirds vote of the VT AFL-CIO Executive Board, the moratorium can be overridden on a case-by-case basis. The VT AFL-CIO leadership exercised this override in recommending an endorsement for the following nine Democratic Party House & Senate labor champions (all of which are members of the pro-Union Workers’ Caucus): Emilie Kornheiser (For VT House), Mari Cordes (For VT House), Kevin “Coach” Christie (For VT House), Chip Troiano (For VT House), Peter Anthony (For VT House), , Kari Dolan (For VT House), Mary Howard (For VT House), Bob Hooper (For VT House) Andrew Perchik (For VT Senate).

Statewide Candidates: For Statewide races, the VT AFL-CIO Executive Committee recommends the following endorsements: David Zuckerman-Progressive for Governor, Doug Hoffer for Auditor, TJ Donovan for Attorney General, Jim Condos for Secretary of State.

In past election cycles, prior to the United! caucus being elected to the leadership of the Vermont AFL-CIO, the State Labor Council often would issue endorsements for 60-100+ Democratic Party candidates for the VT General Assembly. Never before has the State Labor Council backed the entire Progressive Party slate.


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