Be Informed with BCTV’s “Meet the Candidates 2020”

Vermont citizens can stay informed about the upcoming local and statewide races in Vermont with Brattleboro Community TV’s half-hour interview program “Meet the Candidates 2020”. So far, host Marty Cohn has interviewed Rep. Peter Welch, Christopher Helali, Peter Becker, Lt. Governor David Zuckerman, Emily Peyton, Erynn Hazlett Whitney, Molly Gray, Ralph Corbo, Pamala Smith, Sen. Jeanette White, Rep. Emilie Kornheiser, Richard Morton, and Michelle Bos-Lun. Scheduled for the next two weeks: Auditor Doug Hoffer, Sen. Becca Balint, Marcus Parish, John Lyddy, Rep. Laura Sibilia, Rep. Mollie Burke, and Rep. Mike Mrowicki.

Please watch, be informed, and vote!

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  • I looked at my ballot

    … and oh my, what a long list of people running for President. I love it. The Prohibition party, Green party, Constitution party, American Solidarity party, Alliance party, Approval Voting party, Socialist Workers’ party, Liberty Union, Bull Moose, Grumpy Old Patriots, Bread & Roses, and Boiling Frog parties. I could, if so moved, vote for Kanye West. Imagine if Congress was filled up this way rather than with two parties….

    I have some research to do, obviously. One thing I like about mail-in voting is that I can take my time and do the research that can’t be done at a polling station.

    I was going to fill this out and get it in quickly, but now I’m wondering if all candidates listed will be with us on Nov. 3. Things seem to change daily.

  • Insect VP's

    Marty, can you get an interview with the fly? Or at least a local fly to comment on the national fly situation? : )

    (This is just a silly comment to remind everyone to watch the interviews and learn about candidates. You have time!)

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