I Am Feeling Hopeful

Written at 9:29 pm, Wednesday


I feel that Fox has been preparing it’s audience to recognize a Biden win by letting straight-up reporting of the results speak for itself, without no hint of inflaming passions over the idea that the election is being stolen. Apparently Fox does not want to incite conflict. They are reporting what Trump says, matter-of-factly, and reporting that: Biden predicts victory, says he will govern as an ‘American president’

Trump is preparing legal challenges, and even without Fox ratcheting things up, he is quite able to stir up his followers. Other Republicans have spoken out against Trump’s wild allegations, so without full-throated support from Fox and from the Republican establishment, I am hopeful that whatever harm Trump can do will be limited.

Right now, Fox has the electoral vote count at 264 Biden, 214 Trump, with 270 needed to win.

The Trump lead in Pennsylvania has narrowed. It now looks like Biden is quite likely to win PA’s 20 electoral votes, because the absentee ballots, with several hundred thousand still to be counted, has steadily been 78% Biden. And Biden has a slim lead in Nevada, which alone would give him the 6 to win, with the count nearly finished.

Georgia is looking more and more possible as the count continues to melt the gap.

I think the Democrats made the only candidate choice which had any chance of winning, Biden; and nominating Harris for VP, positions progressive politics to continue to advance for the long run.

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  • Election Results

    Any election results that don’t favor Trump are FRAUDULENT!

  • Update

    Fox News gives Biden 264 electoral votes with 270 needed to be elected. Other news outlet are not yet calling Arizona, which has 11 electoral votes, so that they are counting 253 for Biden.

    Biden is leading in Arizona, but as counting continues, the spread has been diminishing Still, at the current ratio between Trump votes and Biden votes coming in; mathematically it looks like when the count is finished, Biden will take the state.

    Nevada, with 6 electoral votes, is still not called by any news outlet, but Biden has been increasing his lead. Starting at 253, which everyone (except Trump) is calling for Biden, Nevada and Arizona together (if his lead holds) would put Biden over the top.

    The count in Georgia (16 electoral votes) favors Biden by a hair, but Biden’s count seems to be increasing. Military ballots still have to be counted there, so I do not know if that will change anything, although most of the talking heads seem to think Biden will take Georgia, which is a historic shift.

    There are 2 Senatorial elections in Georgia (one is a vacancy). Republicans lead both, but neither with 50%, so both will be in a run-off. It is possible that if the Democratic candidates win both, the Senate will be 50/50 with Vice President Harris, casting the tie-breaker.

    The big prize, Pennsylvania, is now counting mail-in ballots, which are going about 80% for Biden, and he will clearly win that state’s 20 electoral votes. Courts — including the Supreme Court — have thrown out all Republican challenges so far, except one very minor issue about how close poll observers can be.

    I was watching a panel of commentators on MSNBC, which included a statistics expert, who was explaining the criteria by which MSNBC calls a state for a candidate.

    They asked him how close they were to calling Pennsylvania for Biden. He said their criteria is a statistical 4% confidence level (meaning that there is a 96% chance that the call is correct) but that they could not yet call PA, as they were at a 5% level.

    With a big smile, he invited Biden supporters to uncork their champaign and celebrate anyway if they want to. A panelist then asked: So what do we have to talk about then? Why are we still here? Everyone laughed, and they ended the discussion.

    A number of Republicans, including Rick Santorum, have said that Trump’s claim that the election is being stolen is irresponsible and dangerous, and challenged him to present evidence if there is any.

    Donald Trump Jr. (who is very lucky that his brother, Eric, is a complete Moron, because everyone calls Eric the dumb one, and seem not to notice that Donald Jr. is also unbelievably stupid) started attacking Fox News (for reporting an accurate tally) and attacking Republican Senators for keeping silent about charges of fraud. He accused them of lacking backbone. Within minutes, a number of Senators — including Cruz and Graham — made inflammatory charges of election rigging.

    I guess knuckling under to Trump was their way of demonstrating that, indeed, they do have a backbone.

    Funny thing is: Trump and his minions do not seem to be bothered by the logical contradiction of charging that the Democrats are stealing the election, even though Georgia, Arizona, and Nevada are controlled by Republicans.

    With Kamala Harris on the stage,Biden made a brief statement tonight, speaking with a demeanor which was so sincere and adult as to provide a refreshing contrast with Trump.

    Obama started his presidency trying to reach out to the Republicans, seeking reconciliation, only to be rebuffed and insulted. To call the Republican leadership Neanderthals would be an insult to those ancient people, who could not possibly have been so course and crude.

    I will never get over the infamy of these characters, for mocking Michelle because she promoted healthy nutrition, and for ridiculing her for setting an example by growing vegetables. It is impossible for me to fathom how it is possible that such a large proportion of voters in our nation can continue to vote for such ugliness.

    In todays remarks, Biden spoke directly to the American people about our need to come together with respect and civility, even though it will be hard. He said that even if we disagree, we are opponents, not enemies. He spoke with undeniable sincerity, clearly from the heart, unscripted.

    I realized that while Obama had tried to reach out “across the isle,” to high-ranking Republicans; Biden was reaching directly to the American people. It is clear that he is too focused on the trouble we are in, to use his time to score points.

    Biden looked so presidential, that he could have gotten the role in a movie audition.

    I think the Democrats made the only candidate choice which had any chance of winning, Biden; and nominating Harris for VP, positions progressive politics to continue to advance for the long run.

  • "Character matters… telling the truth matters."


  • Whew!!

    Four years of poison . Hoping for the truth. Its been rough.

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