“I Keep My Promises”

Trump Said. ‘I Keep My Promises.’  In 2016, he made more than 280 campaign promises. Let’s see how he did:

1. “I will build a great, great wall on our southern border …” (speech, June 16, 2015)
Trump has built 307 miles of walls along the 1,984-mile border. (≈15%)

2. “… and I will have Mexico pay for that wall.”
Mexico is not paying for it.

3. “We will find them [all undocumented immigrants], we will get them out.” (CNN interview, July 29, 2015)
Trump deported fewer people in his first three years than Barack Obama had

4. “We will also be a country of law and order. … The crime and violence that today afflicts our nation will soon, and I mean very soon, come to an end. Beginning on Jan. 20 of 2017, safety will be restored.” (speech, July 21, 2016)
Trump implicitly acknowledges that he has failed to create law and order, saying, “There is violence and danger in the streets” (speech, Aug. 27, 2020). Periodically, he incites that violence.

5. “The most basic duty of government is to defend the lives of its own citizens. Any government that fails to do so is a government unworthy to lead.” (speech, July 21, 2016)
The United States has lost more than 185,000 people to the coronavirus pandemic, more than twice as many per-capita as Canada.

6. “We’re going to work with all of our students who are drowning in debt to take the pressure off these young people.” (speech, July 21, 2016)
Trump has altered the terms of student loan repayments so that students pay an additional $200 billion over a decade.

7. “We will repeal and replace disastrous Obamacare.” (speech, July 21, 2016)
Trump has not succeeded in repealing the Affordable Care Act,

8. “You’re going to have great health care at a much lower price. It will cost the United States nothing.” (remarks, July 27, 2018)
The number of uninsured people in the United States has risen for the first time in a decade.

9. “I will be the greatest jobs president that God ever created.” (speech, June 16, 2015)
There are now almost five million fewer Americans with jobs than when Trump took office.

10. “It is time to drain the swamp in Washington, D.C. This is why I’m proposing a package of ethics reforms to make our government honest once again.” (remarks, Oct. 17, 2016)
Eight of Trump’s associates have been charged with or convicted of crimes.

11. “I’m going to put in … great conservative judges.” (remarks, March 20, 2016)
Trump has appointed conservative judges across the federal bench. Their “greatness” has yet to be determined. Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell had blocked Obama from filling vacancies.

12. “We will honor the American people with the truth, and nothing else.” (speech, July 21, 2016)
Trump has made more than 20,000 false statements since assuming office,( Washington Post.)

13. “We will build the roads, highways, bridges, tunnels, airports and the railways of
tomorrow.” (Remarks, July 21, 2016)
Trump never tried to pass an infrastructure bill.

14. “We’re going to cut taxes for the middle class. … We will ensure that the benefits are focused on the middle class, the working men and women, not the highest-income earners.” (speech, Sept. 27, 2017)
Trump did pass a tax cut, but it was focused on the wealthy. For 2018, 20 percent of the benefits go to the top 1 percent, by 2027, 82 percent of the benefits would go to the top 1 percent.

15. “We’ve got to get rid of the $19 trillion in debt. … I could do it fairly quickly … over a period of eight years.” (interview, March 31, 2016)
The debt has surged and may be larger than the entire American economy for the first time since 1946.

16. “We will end our chronic trade deficits.” (remarks, Oct. 15, 2016)
The trade deficit is larger now than it was in Obama’s last year in office.

17. “We will completely rebuild our depleted military. … We will take care of our great veterans.” (speech, July 21, 2016)
Trump has increased the military budget, although he has also taken military funds for his wall. He has scorned those who died in wars as “suckers”.

18. “We are going to defeat the barbarians of ISIS.” (speech, July 21, 2016)
The United States did overthrow the caliphate of the Islamic State — a process begun under Obama. But ISIS continues to operate at a reduced level.

19. “We want to create peace between Israel and the Palestinians. We will get it done.” (remarks, May 3, 2017)
Peace between Israel and the Palestinians is as elusive as ever. (No surprise)

20. “Nobody will be pushing us around.” (speech, June 16, 2015)
The obvious exception is Russia, which has injured American troops in Syria, and it is said to have paid bounties to Afghan militants for killing American troops.

21. “Unlike so many who came before me, I keep my promises.” (speech, Feb. 4, 2020)
I’ll let you decide.

Thanks to Nicholas Kristof for assistance with the research.

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