Balint Campaign Raises $125,051 On First Day of Campaign

Historic showing for Senator Becca Balint’s first day on her first ever statewide campaign

Montpelier, VT— Vermont Senate President, Becca Balint, launched her campaign for United States Representative yesterday, Monday, December 13. The Balint campaign is proud to announce that in the first 24-hours of the campaign, Balint raised $125,051 – all from individual, grassroots donations – earning support from all 14 Vermont counties.

“I am astonished and overwhelmed with the level of support we received yesterday. This is a hard time for so many families and the fact that people chipped in where they could means so much to me. This is going to be a campaign powered by people and yesterday showed me just how many people that is,” Balint said. “I’m running because we face immense challenges, but I believe we cannot back away from fighting for each other. We have to deliver on some big promises for Vermont working families and that is going to take all of us. I’m ready for this fight.”

Julia Barnes, former Executive Director of the Vermont Democratic Party and advisor to the campaign, said: “This is unprecedented, grassroots support that we haven’t seen for a race like this before. Anyone who doubts Becca is capable of putting together a strong people-powered movement are dead wrong. This is what real momentum and excitement about a candidate looks like.”

Balint hosted a grassroots virtual campaign kickoff Monday event with 281 people in attendance. In less than an hour, the event raised $10,302.

Vermonters, friends, and former students from every corner of Vermont took to social media to celebrate Balint’s launch. She also earned several notable endorsements from Vermonters across the state yesterday, including:

State Rep. Barbara Rachelson, Burlington

State Rep. Becca White, White River Junction

State Rep. Kathleen James, Manchester

State Rep. Emilie Kornheiser, Brattleboro

Ann Braden- Author

Curtiss Reed – Executive Director of Vermont Partnership for Fairness & Diversity, and President and CEO of CRJ Consulting Group

Mary Sullivan – Former State Rep. and Vermont National Committeewoman to the Democratic National Committee


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 14, 2021                                                  

CONTACT: Julia Barnes

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