Windham County’s Becca Balint Running For U.S. Rep Seat

Our first local candidate for US Representative! Here’s the official announcement from Becca Balint.  She joins Molly Gray in asking for your support and vote.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 13, 2021

CONTACT: Carolyn Wesley 802-734-0046

Vermont Senate President Becca Balint Announces Candidacy for United States Representative

MONTPELIER, VT – On Monday, Vermont Senate President Becca Balint (D-Windham) announced that she is running for Vermont’s At-Large seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. Balint is the first woman to serve as President of the Vermont State Senate in the history of the state, and she is also the first openly gay person in that position. She would also be the first woman and openly gay person to serve in DC on behalf of Vermonters, if elected.

Balint said: “I’m running because I believe that, even with the challenges of today, we cannot back away from fighting for each other. We have to deliver on some big promises for Vermont working families and that is going to take courage and kindness” Balint said. “Today, the pandemic is raging on, and people are struggling to balance childcare and work. Workers are looking for good paying jobs, and businesses are trying to survive. The divisions in Washington are stark – one party is trying to fight for our most vulnerable, and the other is willing to use violence to win. The threat to our democracy is real and it is now. This is the fight of our generation. I’m ready for this fight.”

Balint continued: “I know change is possible. We can refuse to accept the division and hate that is dividing our nation, our communities and even our families. We can protect our democracy from a faction of the Republican party that is willing to undermine the will of the American people. We can give all people the dignity and safety they deserve through investment in our communities and reforms of the systems that impact our daily lives. And we can save our planet for our children and future generations. To do this, we need leadership from someone who isn’t afraid of these tough fights, who won’t stop showing up – even when it is difficult – and who can bring people together even in the face of stark difference. That’s what I’ve done as a teacher, as a mom and community member, and it’s what I’ve done in the Senate. If Vermonters elect me to serve them in Washington, that’s what I’ll do for them in Congress.”

Curtiss Reed, Executive Director of Vermont Partnership for Fairness & Diversity, and President and CEO of CRJ Consulting Group, said: “In the constellation of Vermont public servants, Becca Balint’s star shines brightly. Becca has a track record of getting important things done for all Vermonters. She has my unqualified support to serve as our next representative in Congress. Becca leads with courage, empathy, clarity of purpose, and creative problem-solving skills that transcend her lived experience. Join with me to send Becca to Washington!”

Former Burlington State Representative Mary Sullivan said: “When Becca first arrived at the legislature, she stood out immediately for her skills, her ability to work with others and her passion for issues that really help working people. Becca is a true leader. She knows we are in a perilous moment for our country where turning away from each other will only strengthen what divides us. She will hit the ground running in DC and she’ll be fabulous for Vermont.”

Balint said, if elected,  her priorities would be to invest in infrastructure that will create jobs and opportunity in rural communities, pass a Green New Deal, protect reproductive rights, lower healthcare costs and work towards a Medicare for All system, expand childcare and pass a national paid leave plan, tackle income inequality through fighting or pandemic support and a living wage, pass comprehensive voting rights legislation and legislation that would prevent election theft, and prioritize criminal justice reform policies aimed at reducing recidivism and creating a more fair justice system.

Balint will host a virtual organizing event for friends and supporters this evening at 6:30 pm. All are welcome and can register for free here. Visit for information about how to get involved with the campaign and for upcoming events.



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