Brattleboro Town & School Unofficial Election Results

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Please see attached for the “unofficial results” for Brattleboro Town Meeting. The attached is formatted to show the unofficial winners for each race in bold. These are the results from the ballot tallies, not including write-in votes.

Brattleboro’s WSESD unofficial results are at the bottom of the spreadsheet. These are not the final results, as the school district needs to tally the votes from all 4 towns.



Hilary Francis

Brattleboro Town Clerk

230 Main Street, Suite 108

Brattleboro. VT 05301

Brattleboro Election Night Unofficial Results: March 1, 2022 Annual Town Meeting
Office Candidate Total
Moderator Kurt Daims 270
David Gartenstein 915
Selectboard 3 Yr Daniel Quipp 1001
Selectboard 1 Yr Jessica Gelter 926
Timothy “Tim” Wessel 918
First Constable Richard H Cooke 967
Second Constable Ivan Hennessy 841
TMM District 1 3yrs Michael Averill 226
Richard S Campbell 228
George Carvill 249
Mary Casey 237
Ernest “Ernie” W. Coughlin Jr 246
Katherine N. Dowd 303
David Miner 245
Kathryn Parlin 230
Christina “Chris” Szpila 276
Richard Wrase 223
District 2  3Yrs Robert Clements 261
Eli K. Coughlin-Galbraith 243
Merry Elder 223
Thomas Franks 236
Denise Glover 234
Maya Hasegawa 266
Elizabeth “Betsy”Judson 246
Sylvia Lyon 234
Georgia Morgan 220
Franz P. Reichsman 251
Austin W. Rice 213
Jacqueline “Jackie” Stromberg 215
Robert Tortolani 311
Francine Vallario 215
Anne Louise Wagner 231
District 3  3 Yrs Steven M. Brown Jr 271
Roni Byrne 250
Ruben R. Garza 274
Michael S. Hoffman 228
Richard Kenyon 241
David Levenbach 236
Donald McCullough 223
Kathleen “Kate” O’Connor 334
Jacqueline “Jaki” Reis 257
Sonia Silbert 261
Rebecca Tatkovsky 244
Sarah Turbow 243
Lisa Whitney 278
District 1  2 Yrs Mary M. Emery 284
Richard “Rick” Morton 246
District 2 2 Yrs Arthur Davis 280
Tracey John 305
District 3 2Yrs Jennifer A. Griffith 231
Kevin O’Brien 138
Samuel Stevens 122
Richard “Rick” Sullivan 90
Erin Wessel 233
District  1  1 Yr Milton Eaton 242
Paula Melton 262
Aaron Smith 240
Gwynn Yandow 254
District 2  1 Yr Gretchen M. A. Cowan 282
Brattleboro Peter Case 578
Lana Dever 648
Guilford Shaun Murphy 836
Dummerston Deborah Stanford 687
David Wheeler 226
Moderator Steven Brown 910
Clerk Barbara Nowakowski 935
Treasurer Frank Rucker 893
Article 3 Yes 864
No 309
Article 4 Yes 927
No 272

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  • Congratulations to all who ran, all who voted and all who spoke out on the issues we face

    Best wishes to all who participated in our local democracy. Participation is as significant as victory. Looking forward to Representative Town Meeting on March 19. I will be offering another online training in the why’s and wherefores of Robert’s Rules of Order for RTM. Robert’s Rules are modified for RTM by Brattleboro Town Charter and by VT State Law.
    This live online training will take place on Monday evening, March 14 at 6:30. The link will be posted as soon. Support materials will available on the Representative Town Meeting resources page at
    – Andy Davis, District 3 RTM

  • Thank yous

    To all who ran, all who won (congrats) and all who voted. And thanks iBrattleboro, for always reporting.

  • Go Barb!

    I like that my WSESD pal Barb Nowakowski got more votes than the school budget (and everything else). : )

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