Brenda Siegel of Newfane Files for 2022 Gubernatorial Race


Brenda for Governor

BREAKING: Democrat Brenda Siegel is first to file for 2022 Gubernatorial race

Montpelier, VT – This morning, Brenda Siegel of Newfane filed her petitions with the Secretary of State to become the first candidate from any party to officially be in the race for Governor of Vermont. Siegel, a Democrat, is running on a platform committed to some of Vermont’s biggest issues: housing, the overdose crisis, education, and climate change.

Said Siegel upon filing: “I’m so grateful for the opportunity to run in this race. I’ve been fighting for working Vermonters my entire life, and now, more than ever, our communities are struggling and they need us to do more. Vermont needs leaders who prioritize taking bold climate action, building a bottom-up economy, putting real resources into healing the overdose crisis, and supporting and strengthening our education system. These are not new issues and we need a Governor that is ready to lead. I’m confident that I can – and will – be that Governor.”

Siegel is Chair of the Newfane Democratic Committee and a Delegate to the Windham County Committee. She currently serves on the State Of Vermont’s Public Transit Advisory Commission and on the board of Community of Vermont Elders. She is a member of the Raise the Wage coalition; a member leader at Rights and Democracy; a citizen member of the Vermont Legislative Equity Caucus; and a member of a national cohort focused on addressing the overdose crisis. Siegel has long fought and won on major policy around housing and the overdose crisis, as well as economic justice. Originally from Brattleboro, Siegel lives in Newfane, VT, with her 20-year-old son.





Claire Cummings

Interim Campaign Manager





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