Brattleboro Primary Election August 9, 2022 – Unofficial Results

Brattleboro Election Unofficial Results: Welch, Abbot, Malloy, Balint, Nolfi, Madden, Siegel, Davis, Scott, Zuckerman…

Unofficial Brattleboro Election Night Results:  State Primaries August 9, 2022

Race Party Candidate Vote Total
US Senator DEM Isaac Evans-Frantz 753
Niki Thran 80
Peter Welch 1744
PRO Martha Abbott 2
REP Gerald Malloy 85
Myers Mermel 59
Christina Nolan 81
Rep to Congress DEM Becca Balint 2223
Sianay Chase Clifford 19
Molly Gray 374
Louis Meyers 6
PRO Barbara Nolfi 11
REP Liam Madden 111
Ericka Bundy Redic 41
Anya Tynio 67
Governor DEM Brenda Siegel 1550
PRO Susan Hatch Davis 11
REP Stephen C Bellows 51
Peter Duval 30
Phil Scott 159
Lieut Governor DEM Charlie Kimbell 108
Patricia Preston 217
Kitty Toll 584
David Zuckerman 1526
REP Joe Benning 93
Gregory M Thayer 113
State Treasurer DEM Mike Pieciak 2195
PRO Don Schramm 12
REP H Brooke Paige 171
Secretary of State DEM Sarah Copeland Hanzas 1139
John Odum 277
Chris Winters 679
PRO Robert Millar 11
REP H Brooke Paige 165
Auditor of Accounts DEM Doug Hoffer 1935
PRO Marielle A Blais 12
REP H Brooke Paige 153
Attorney General DEM Charity R Clark 1537
Rory Thibault 607
PRO Elijah Bergman 11
REP H Brooke Paige 157
State Senator DEM Wichie Artu 1000
Wendy Harrison 1533
Nader Hashim 1520
REP Mark Coester 65
Richard “Rick” Kenyon 140
Richard “Rick” Morton 129
State Rep DEM – WDH 7 Emilie Kornheiser 670
DEM – WDH 8 Mollie S Burke 816
DEM – WDH 9 Tristan Toleno 838
Probate Judge DEM Jodi P French 1986
Assistant Judge DEM Lamont Barnett 1127
Patricia Duff 1670
State’s Attorney DEM Tracy Kelly Shriver 1956
Sheriff DEM Mark R Anderson 1814
High Bailiff DEM Angela Lawrence 1800

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  • The new political capital of Vermont is Brattleboro

    It appears that Windham County will be well represented on the November ballot, with Balint running for/becoming congressperson and Siegel taking on Phil Scott, plus Harrison and Hashim…

  • Congratulations

    No big surprises here, except to see Liam Madden as an R. I’m very happy to see Dave get so much support. He’s a good one.

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