Letter to Brattleboro Voters

September 27, 2022

Dear Brattleboro Voter,

For the November 8, 2022 General Election, you will be receiving an absentee ballot. The State of Vermont will be mailing these out during the week of September 26. This ballot will also contain on the reverse side the local Justice of the Peace ballot. I strongly urge you to review the ballot, make your choices, and return it to the Clerk’s Office as soon as possible. If you have not received your ballot by October 7, please contact our office at 802-251-8157 or townclerk@brattleboro.org. Otherwise, please wait for your ballot to arrive.

There is a secure drop box in the Municipal Center parking lot where voters themselves, or a friend or family member, may return their ballot in the signed certificate envelope that will be sent with the ballot. We encourage voters to use this method. You can also return the ballot in the mail using the pre-paid return envelope. Again, be sure the ballot is in the signed certificate envelope. All ballots must be received by 7 p.m. on November 8, 2022 in order to be counted.

If you wish to vote at the polls on Election Day, we encourage you to bring your unvoted ballot that you received in the mail with you. Brattleboro polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on November 8 at the American Legion, 32 Linden St.

We are looking forward to a smooth and successful 2022 Election, and with your help this can be achieved. 

Hilary Francis

Town Clerk

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