Brattleboro 2023 Selectboard and School Board Candidates

Selectboard and school board candidates in Brattleboro have collected their signatures and campaigns are getting underway.

For the Selectboard 3 year seat, Dick DeGray will be running against Liz McLoughlin. Voters can elect one.

For the Selectboard 1 year seat, Spoon Agave, Peter Case, Jessica Gelter, Franz Reichsman and Samuel Stevens have all declared themselves as candidates. Voters can elect two.

For Brattleboro’s representation on the school board, Robin Morgan and Rikki Risatti are in the running for a single school board 1 year seat.

For the school board 3 year seat, Kimberly Price and Jaci Reynolds are competing for the single seat.

We’ll be e-mailing questions to all candidates soon, and will publish responses as we get them.

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