Brattleboro Selectboard Candidate Interview – Peter Case

Peter “Fish” Case is running for a one-year seat on the Brattleboro Selectboard


Introduce yourself – who are you and why are you running this year for a  1 year seat?

My name is Peter “Fish” Case and I’m running for a one-year seat on the Brattleboro Selectboard.  I’m running because… I want to.  Serving the town and people of Brattleboro is nothing new to me it’s something I’ve done for the entire time I’ve lived here (30 plus years) and I would welcome the opportunity to do it as the select board level.

What unique perspectives or experience do you bring to the board?

Conversation, communication & collaboration along with messaging are all my strong suit.  Recognizing a problem and working with people to find a solution quickly is something I think we’d all like to embrace and this is also a skill I bring.  I’m also able to vote the way the voters want me to, not just the way I think, it’s important to me that all voices be heard when decisions are being made.  As a town meeting representative, I’ve proven that I know how people of Brattleboro feel and I’ve acted accordingly on their behalf.

Do you have anything in particular you’d like to accomplish in the  coming year on the board? What is motivating you to offer your services this year?

I would love to make our parking garage something safe, and the people of the town to feel less aggressed.  Of course, our EMS services is top of mind too, and I want to explore options that might reflect what the people of Brattleboro want.  Policing, the short answer, we need more officers I want to support our Police Department and give them resources they need to be running at 100%.  

What’s your favorite part of living in Brattleboro?  What do we do well?

Brattleboro is a unique community that cares about its citizens.  For a small town it offers a lot options that reflects its citizens values.  That is really what I love about living here (and ski jumping).

What’s our greatest weakness in Brattleboro?  What needs attention?

Brattleboro tends to “kick the can” down the road out of fear of offending people.  I think that is okay in certain instances, but sometimes decisions need to be made in a hurry about things that are happening now.  I really believe that you can’t make everyone happy, we should try to, but you simply can’t.  Sometimes you need to stop the bleeding before you can treat the wound. 

What can Brattleboro voters expect of you on the following issues:

-Brattleboro ambulance services – which option do you prefer?

I think enough time has passed and we can bring these parties back to the table and discuss a path back.  I honestly feel when these services are called, you’re not having a good day and probably don’t care what the side of the truck says, but there is a comfort level that comes with the people you know and those people are Rescue, Inc.

-Living Memorial Park upgrades

I’m a fan of anything that offers better services for the people of this town.  I also understand and am well aware that things like this raise the tax base and I want to be sensitive to that.  But at the end of day upgrades to Living Memorial Park make the town more vibrant.

-Climate action

Yes!  I want to learn what more we could be doing on a local level because I do believe we can be better and do better.  That said Brattleboro has a great community of e-bikers and I would love to find ways to increase and incentivize more of it.   I would also like to explore the option of bringing an energy campus close to the highway that would serve both travelers and locals.

-Community Safety

This is a big one.  Brattleboro has developed (mainly in the past few years) a reputation for being a place that is not safe.  Pan Handling, public urination, a rash of break ins coupled with a Police Department that is operating very understaffed is not a combination that will calm people down.  All these things need to be addressed and addressed quickly.  I’ve have spoken with hundreds of people in town, and they feel as though nothing is being done.  If elected I want something in place quickly, a regulation on pan handling, a better camera system, better lighting, whatever is needed.  This board has set a precedent for being able to act quickly (The Rescue vote), I would hope to motivate the board to act that quickly again.

-Housing & Gentrification

We live in a community that’s working with a 500-housing deficit and that doesn’t even reflect room for growth.  We need more affordable housing, not just high-end dwellings.  I would love for the town to develop homes that attract and retain people who want to come and work here and stay here, and further I would love to implement a path to make that happen.


One of life’s few guarantees.  Of course, finding ways to lower taxes would be great.  Brattleboro tax rates are among the highest in the state.  I think that has become the ire of Brattleborians.  Of course, lowering taxes would be great,

If you could make an immediate change (free of charge!) to Brattleboro,  what would it be?

I really believe that the parking garage is defining the mood of Brattleboro.  I would install cameras that link directly to the Police Department, increase the lighting and even put in attendant at either entrance that could keep an eye on it.

Read any good books lately? What can you recommend?

I’m reading habits are odd to say the least.  I’m a storytelling and messaging geek.  I obsess over marketing and messaging so any book in that realm are my go to.   I’m currently reading ‘Breakthrough Advertising’ by Eugene Swartz… I told you… Odd.

Is there any thing you’d like to discuss that we didn’t ask you about?

I’m really running on an open platform of Communication, Collaboration and Conversation.  I want to reflect the values of this community; I don’t want to make decisions in a vacuum.  I want to bring short- and long-term solutions to Brattleboro and I want to message that out to the people of this town.  


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