Thanks for Your Support! Vote Tomorrow!

Hello to everyone out there in Selectboard Land, and a big thank you to everyone supporting my electoral efforts. Thanks in particular to those of you who wrote letters on my behalf, and also to everyone for all the positive comments about my signs. People seem to like them a lot.

One thing I think I should perhaps clarify is that I’m running on my own behalf, not for or against any other individuals. You may have seen my name mentioned as part of a team of candidates, but please be assured that I’m running as an individual and I will maintain my individuality if I am elected. I have no agenda to oust anyone or take over the functioning of the board. I’ll consider items one at a time, on their merits, and I look forward to working with whomever else is elected.

So thanks again to everyone supporting me. I have no idea whether I’ll make it onto the board or not, but either way I’m grateful for the confidence you’ve placed in me. See you at the polls tomorrow. (Don’t forget to vote!)

With best wishes,
Franz Reichsman

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