Our House of Representatives


435 members

Base pay = $174,000 + benefits

Let’s call it $200,000 each including benefits;  Speaker, majority and minority leaders make more.

435 x $200,000 = 87 million

House Staff members

The latest report, 2021 shows 9,034 staff members

Let’s call it $100,000 pay each including benefits.  I see ranges from $50,000 to over $200,000 without benefits.

9,034 x $100,000 = 903.3 million

Total 990.4 million.   Only 10 million under one Billion per year.

This does not include the cost of building, offices, security and many other costs.

It also does not include the Senate.  That’s for another day.

So total cost will be well over one Billion dollars per year.

My conclusion:  About the only thing the House has done this year other than entertainment value, is add to the National debt.



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  • Great information, presented well

    The One Billion Dollar figure speaks for itself. So much so that the conclusion — succinct as it is — is almost not needed.

    Actually, local was charitable to Congress, faulting them only for costing us a Billion for entertainment, but not even mentioning actual harm caused by their childish quarrels.

  • Beyond Money and Quarrels

    The latest Speaker, mild mannered as he may seem, is to the right of Michelle Bachmann and Phyllis Schlafly. MTG, the most high profile majority member, alternately fawning and rabid, makes Sarah Palin look demur and soft spoken. The bread and butter of the so-called freedom caucus is bullying, and dog whistling. What does this say about where we’re at as a nation?

  • Ruh roh

    Politician note to self: They are on to us. Cut funding for math education so public can’t figure this stuff out anymore.

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