Time Bomb

As I entered the cafe a cat, completely camouflaged crossed my path, calico of course. Speechless, I went inside, got in line where it was impossible to not overhear a conversation well underway. “…it’s a campaign of grievance driven by brainwashing and sleepwalking… how is it not mass psychosis, Nazi Germany in the thirties? 

I couldn’t tell if the two were a couple or some configuration less tested, but the man spoke with a heft of tone that said, “I know I’ve beaten this drum before.” His partner was sort of drifting off too, looking at me for rescue or corroboration, I couldn’t tell which.

He continued, “…from Chancellor to Führer…formal election, gambits and power grabs, demonizing the ‘other’, playing on fears, grandiose ambition, and the phase we see now- pressure on party members, allies, and would-be vulnerable opponents to fall in line. Or else..”

They were on deck to caffeinate and at this point she was all but tuning the guy out, pretending to survey beans. Then she blurted as if in summation, hoping to cauterize the conversation, “We’ve moved beyond the Big Lie. Barr, Mattis and Kelly, even the offspring have thrown cold water on that. Whoever is with him is deep into the kool aid.”

I might’ve jumped in but an inner voice whispered- can o’ worms. “Yes indeed, we’re beyond the Big Lie, into ‘The Blotto Brigade of Big Liars’.” But I didn’t say anything. And I wondered who else in the cafe overheard what was clearly in the air, or in how many cafes this same exact exchange was being spoken, or stifled. 

Charged up, got my cup to go, and the same cat that had gotten my tongue on the way in was in his spot on the way out. He looked at me with keen eyes, not bringing me any closer to knowing what to think. And mostly I wondered if at this point it was better to share this, or not even mention it.

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  • Damn Good Writing!

    Just damn good!!!

  • Overheard on TV last night

    “You can never forget history. If you forget, you never recover from it and you repeat. You repeat and we are not going to repeat. We will turn our country around and if you take a look throughout the history of the country, if you took the 10 worst presidents in the history of this not great country right now, it’s a country in decline, it’s a troubled country, feeling country. But if you took the 10 worst presidents and put them together , the 10 worst, absolutely 10 worst, I used to say five. Remember I used to say five?… ”

    – c-span transcript

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