After Watching the BCTV Candidates’ Forum, I Am Leaning Toward Oscar Heller

My initial visceral feeling was to dislike Heller, and like Case better. Case seemed more people-oriented. Although Heller said he listens to other people, his focus seems to be on spread-sheets, and I felt his outlook is reductionistic. I figured he probably does listen to other people, but what he probably listens to is their dollar-and-cents, reductionistic, insights.

But then came the question of safe injection sites, Case dismissed that immediately on the grounds that safe-injection sites would create more of an ambiance of Brattleboro as an addiction town. It appeared that his rejection of that idea was based on an emotional, shoot-from-the-hip reaction, apparently made with a complete lack of knowledge and information.

Heller said he feels uncomfortable with the concept, but he admitted to not being sufficiently informed, and said he does not want to dismiss any idea for such a serious problem without studying it in a serious manner.

Having heard that discussion, I thought that there must be a lot of sound information available with data for whether or not safe injection sites save lives, as well as their impact on communities. For starters here is a link to a NPR piece on safe injection sites,

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