There Is No Candidate for U.S. Senator on the Progressive Party Ballot – How About Writing Me In?

Hi! I see on the Progressive Party primary election ballot, for which some people may already be receiving mail-in ballots, there is no candidate listed for United States Senator.

So, I made a video on youtube to explain why I think I am the best person for you to write-in. I appreciate it, just jot down my name on a slip of paper and remember to write me in, O.K.?

Cris Ericson

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  • I posted the information on my website with about 30 photos to explain my opinions.

    Hi! The video quality on the 2nd half of the video,
    explaining my opinions in more detail,
    didn’t really come out well.
    I was aiming the cellphone at the computer screen.
    So, I posted all the photos on my website with an explanation at the top
    of each photo, and it is like an online book, sort of.
    It’s better viewing if you like to look at each picture and read,
    rather than listen to a video.
    You can scroll up and down to go over the information.
    I think this is extremely educational and should be shared
    in schools, as well as to all people concerned about
    taxes in Vermont.
    I obtained the photos for my online presentation
    at Wikipedia and at which provides free-to-use

  • Write-in Candidate Cris Ericson for U.S. Senator - Progressive party ballot Aug. 13, 2024
    To be aired soon on in Burlington, Vermont!
    Cris Ericson – Progressive Party Write-In Candidate 20234 Vermont Primary Election 07/04/2024
    From Cris Ericson:

    Cris Ericson explains why Progressive Party voters should give her a write-in vote on the 2024 primary election ballot in Vermont, where there is no candidate listed for United States Senator. Cris Ericson explains how your paycheck has federal taxes deducted and they go to the I.R.S. and then the U.S. Congress votes to give your tax dollars to the N.I.H and the Pentagon and to huge corporations as subsidies, and your tax dollars are used to make products like prescription drugs and defense products and microchips which are sold worldwide for billions of dollars in profits for the pharmaceutical corporations and the defense corporations and the multi-nation mega corporations, all of whom are making their profits based on the fact that the United States Congress voted to give them YOUR hard earned tax dollars, BUT YOU ARE NOT GETTING A SHARE OF THE PROFITS, you are getting no R.O.I., no return on investment of your tax dollars. THIS HAS TO STOP. Send Cris Ericson on down to Washington, D.C. to demand a better deal for taxpayers! and email (802)875-4038

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