Some Thoughts On Cancelling Roseanne

Roseanne’s new iteration of her family sit-com was cancelled by ABC shortly after a series of tweets by the star of the show. She called a former Obama advisor the child of the Muslim Brotherhood and Planet of the Apes, then doubled down for a while when people called her racist. Then she apologized, but it was too late.

ACLU Calls On Local Governments To Pursue Public Broadband

As Brattleboro begins down the path toward adding municipal broadband utility, the ACLU has weighed in with a new report “The Public Internet Option – How Local Governments Can Provide Network Neutrality, Privacy, and Access for All.”

The report compares the necessity of internet access to that of electricity and water, and says that the rollback of net neutrality laws and enforcement threatens equal access (as we have for say, roads and bridges).