Video on Demand from the Sandglass Theater Archives

Sandglass Theater has created twenty-five productions since their founding in 1982. Most of these were video recorded for archival purposes, Some of these recordings are better then others, although none is even close to the quality of a good High Density, multi-camera shoot that would be used for broadcast today. Nevertheless, these recordings offer a window into Sandglass’ past for those who want to learn more about their history and how their work has developed over the decades.

“We have decided to make a few of these available for online viewing. They are not meant to equal a live performance; rather they offer insight into where we have been and where we are going.” -Eric Bass

I Spy Butterfly by Faye Dupras at Sandglass Theater

Putney- Sandglass Theater’s Winter Sunshine Series continues its 13th season of puppet shows for young audiences with I spy Butterfly by Faye Dupras on Saturday, March 14th at 11am and 2pm. How does a nature-loving explorer become a bug’s best friend? Find out in this delightful eco-story about the ways we all grow and change.  When Trudy’s friend Harold the caterpillar suddenly transforms into a chrysalis, she’s determined to do the same. Just when she is about to give up hope, she learns that her tiny friend needs her now more than ever. Live music, colorful critters, and oodles of audience interaction make this show a fun ecological romp in the wild!

When I Put On Your Glove

Sandglass Theater presents When I Put On Your Glove by Shoshana Bass as part of the Thanksgiving Weekend Putney Craft Tour. This puppetry, dance and spoken word piece explores a daughter’s relationship to her father’s work and builds upon a premise that puppets are containers of memory. In it, a daughter explores what it means to slip into her father’s art – not just the form, but also the actual pieces.