Windham Southeast School District Finance Committee Meeting Minutes – FY25 Legislative Update School Funding

Frank reviewed the memorandum from the VT Agency of Education that summarized funding statistics in the Bill The result was favorable (Yield @ $9,893), being close to what was presented at the Annual Meeting ($9,899). This will result in our projected CLA adjusted tax rate to be very accurate unless the Governor vetoes the bill. The Income Yield of $10,110 is a bit lower than the estimate from 3/19/24 (we used 10,300). This adjusts the various calculations that go with Income Sensitivity. The Non-Homestead Rate (business properties and non-residents second homes, etc.) is set at $1.39 prior to the CLA adjustment for each town.

WSESD Meeting Agendas

The Windham Southeast School District Policy & Amendment Committee will meet Wednesday, May 8 2024 at 0:00 p.m. in the WSESU Central Office Conference Room, 53 Green Street, and remotely via Zoom.

Windham Southeast School District Board Meeting Minutes – April 30, 2024

● Board revisited Meeting Norms and Code of Ethics, Code of Ethics signed by all board members.
● To determine what the best way is to express appreciation to the staff, the LC Board liaisons will work with the principals to determine what would be best for their school.
● The Board voted to move the June 11th Board meeting to June 4th due to scheduling conflicts
● The Board voted to incur the cost of Doodle Pro.
● The Board tabled a vote on dependent care stipend to an upcoming meeting TBD
● The Board voted against recommending administration hold all retreats, meetings and other events be held within the local district.
● Admin presented comprehensive physical plan/capital plans
● Numerous policies approved for adoptions

WSESD Board Meeting Minutes – April 9, 2024


● Motion was made to find local venues that are cost effective for the Board & Admin Retreat in June in advance of the new school year.

● Four new hires for FY25 were approved.

● Two resignations were accepted.

● The Board approved the Warrants and Payroll presented.

● Policies F22, G1 AND H2 were re-adopted.

● The Board entered Executive Session involving the discipline of students.

Windham Southeast School District (WSESD) Policy and Amendment Committee Meeting Minutes – April 10, 2024

Two 6th grade students from Academy School, Luca Mnookin and Elsa Anders, presented their research project looking at the lack of access to gender-neutral bathrooms at school. Academy School has only one gender-neutral bathroom that is accessible to anyone, and it is in the upper-grade wing, so not available to K-2 students. Some—but not all—classrooms have their own gender-neutral bathroom. The students presented an assessment of why it matters, including transgender students’ fear of harassment in gendered bathrooms. Their research involved surveys at Academy School and Putney Central School, and with their results, they advocated for private, all-gender bathrooms throughout the district.

Windham Southeast School District Board Meeting Minutes March 26, 2024

● Board Officers were nominated and elected.
● Voting Members of the WSESU Board were nominated and elected.
● Board Meeting days/times were determined.
● The Board will follow the “Robert’s Rules of Order” for Small Boards adding back in seconding a motion.
● Leadership Council assignments were established
● The Board voted to change the Board Meeting scheduled for April 23 rd to April 30 th to avoid meeting during Spring Break.
● Six new employees were presented and approved for the FY25 school year.
● Board approved the submission of Head Start/Early Head refunding application. Application due April 1.
● Board approved the new members of the Guilford and Academy Leadership Councils.

WSESD Board, Finance, IBRC Meeting Minutes

● The board conducted a public information session about the proposed FY25 budget that will be presented for a vote at the Annual Meeting on 3/19/24.
● The Board voted to hire Patrice Michelle Herman, Science teacher at BUHS
● Three Executive Sessions were added to the end of the meeting.
● Voted to readopt policy G8- Continuous Improvement Plan

WSESD Recount Results

Official recounts are in, for the two three-year terms for Brattleboro representatives on the WSESD Board of Directors. Town Clerks of Brattleboro, Dummerston, Guilford and Putney, submitted their recount results to the WSESD Clerk at the Superintendent of Schools Office, and the end result didn’t change the outcome of the vote.

The numbers have increased by a few votes for each of the three candidates, but the two winners of this election remain Timothy “Tim” Maciel and Colleen Savage.