WSESD Social Justice Committee Meeting Minutes

● The committee heard a presentation from Human Resources Director Michael Kelliher on plans to increase staff diversity.
● The committee voted to recommend that the three diversity-related questions developed in 2022 be included on all applications for licensed teacher or administrator
positions, if possible on Schoolspring.
● The committee made a recommendation that every hiring committee include at least one person representing a diverse viewpoint with a preference for lived experience.

WSESD Communications Council Meeting Minutes

II. Brattleboro board seat outreach: discuss plans for “meet ups” to encourage board candidacy in Brattleboro (bring suggestions to 8/8/23 board meeting).

The committee reviewed outreach suggestions:
● a radio ad
● outreach by superintendent to former teachers
● request for principals to send a message to currently enrolled families

WSESD Board Meeting Minutes July 25, 2023

● The administration provided updates about District summer camps, use of school buildings as emergency shelters, PCB abatement and window replacement project at Oak Grove School, and the BUHS mascot rebranding process, and a presentation about the school climate surveys conducted in the spring.
● WSESD Head Start classrooms at the Canal Street School will move to Birge Street in the fall and the administrators and Special Education team is developing plans for utilizing space at Canal Street to provide services for more pre-K students with special educational needs.
● The board adopted the following updated policies: E17 Fire and Emergency Preparedness Drills, H8 Access Control and Visitor Management, and F42 Dress Code, which will replace all previous dress codes in WSESD schools, including LSP1, the former BUHS dress code.

Windham Southeast School District Board Meeting Agenda

I. Call To Order – 6:00pm – Kelly Young, Board Chair
II. Student Matters (5-10 minutes)
III. Administrative Report –
* Hires / Resignations / Retirements
* Summer Programming
* Update on contingency plans for buildings to be utilized as shelters in the event of future climate emergencies
* Update on BUHS re-branding and mascot selection – Action Required
* Update on selection of Restorative Justice Coordinator – Possible Action Required

WSESD Social Justice Committee Meeting Minutes

The Social Justice Committee will be bringing the following recommendations to the
WSESD Board and Policy and Amendment Committee meetings for consideration:

● The 2021-22 WSESD Social Justice committee developed three questions related to diversity and equity that should be included on all job applications. Currently only part of the first question seems to be included on job listings. The Social Justice Committee recommends that this be remedied and that all three questions are asked on every job listing for the district.

WSESD Personnel Committee Meeting Minutes

On a motion by Kim Price, the minutes of June 7, 2023 were approved.

On a motion by Anne Beekman, the committee accepted the recommendation of administration to hire Kerri Beebe, WSESU PreK Coordinator.

On a motion by Anne Beekman, the committee accepted the recommendation of administration to hire Tara Sullivan, BUHS Special Education teacher.

WSESD Board Meeting Minutes – June 27, 2023

SUMMARY: The WSESD Board and members of the Vernon School Board and Administrators attended a retreat together on June 26 to develop goals and priorities for the Continuous Improvement Plan. Administration will begin developing budgets without the support of ESSER funds in September. All schools held graduation ceremonies including BUHS, which was the final one on June 16. There was a discussion of how board members should attend when seating is limited due to holding the event indoors. The board considered new policies regarding the dress code, fire and emergency preparedness, access control, and leadership councils. The report on the sexual abuse investigation has been delayed due to new information received by the investigator. The Board adopted a set of norms to inform their meetings. The Board has not yet received any applicants for the vacant Brattleboro seat but hope to appoint someone at their next meeting on July 25. Administrators will be holding a planning retreat on August 7 and the Board hopes to hold one later that month. Tim Maciel was added to the Social Justice Committee.

WSESD Policy Warnings

Windham Southeast School District has read the following three policies at two regular meetings, and anticipates adopting them at the Board Meeting of July 25, 2023.

The policies are attached below; please post for a warning period of at least 10 days prior to the potential adoption date of 7/25/2023. 

Windham Southeast School District (WSESD) Policy and Amendment Committee – Meeting Minutes

Chair DS convened the meeting at 2:32 pm and read hybrid statement.

I. Approval of Minutes and confirmation of next meeting date

The minutes of 06/05/23 meeting approved by assent.

A discussion took place on whether the Policy and Amendments Committee will meet during the summer. It was agreed that there will be one meeting in July, specifically focused on planning a calendar and setting priorities for which policies to review in the coming school year.

WSESD Board Meeting – Draft Minutes June 13, 2023

…”Now, therefore, we, the New Brattleboro Mascot Oversight Committee of the Windham Southeast School District, do hereby recommend that the Board of School Directors officially adopt Bears as our new school mascot and identifier for the purpose of enabling a unified and spirited school community….”

WSESD Programmatic and Performance Equity Committee Meeting Minutes

It was decided that Ruby would be the chair and Kim would be the clerk.

The mission statement was discussed. Does this committee need to exist? Is everything already happening/being taken care of by the administration? How do we make sure all schools feel served?

Liz discussed how this committee was previously tasked with examining Title IX in regards to sports at the High School.

WSESD Board Meeting Agenda

I. Call To Order – 6:00pm – Kelly Young, Board Chair
A. Executive Session under 1 VSA § 313 (a) (7) Student Matters / The academic records or suspension or discipline of students – Action Required
B. Executive Session under 1 VSA § 313 (a) (7) Student Matters / The academic records or suspension or discipline of students – Action Required
III. Student Matters (5-10 Minutes)