WSESD Independent Budget Review Committee Meeting Minutes

The committee discussed the pending legislative changes to Act 127, and the challenges for the district with the removal of the 5% cap.

The committee reviewed the Guilford tax rate, and on a motion by Laura and seconded by Jaci, the committee unanimously agreed to have Maggie contact Chloe Wexford to try and understand how the reappraisal affects the upcoming tax rate.

Windham Southeast School District Finance Committee Meeting Minutes – Feb 13, 2024

2. VT Legislative developments affecting FY25 Budget; Review State Funding Formula updates

Shaun Murphy started off saying that in this time of uncertainty, his suggestion is that this committee is “Steady at the helm through these rocky waters”. The budget development started on 10/6/23. The work done by Frank Rucker and his team along with the Finance Committee has been thoughtfully and carefully developed, been through a process of presenting to the Board three times as well as to the finance committee an additional three times. This FY25 budget proposal has increased by 3%, which is in alignment with previous budget increases. Frank Rucker spoke about the lack of information from the legislature that would be needed to make assumptions on how this budget could be adjusted to affect the CLA equalized tax rate.

WSESD Special Board Meeting Agenda

I. Call to Order [5:00 to 5:05]
II. Public Comment on Non-Agenda Items [5:05 to 5:15]
III. Board Retreat for the Purpose of Training in Order to Effectively Plan for the Upcoming Year [5:15 to 8:45]
IV. Public Discussion [8:45 to 9:00]

WSESD Policy and Amendment Committee Meeting Agenda

AGENDA – 2/14/2024
I. Approval of Minutes from 1/31/24
Update: G8 Continuous Improvement Plan – presented for second reading on 2/13
II. Evaluate (50 minutes)
F1 Student Conduct and Discipline in conjunction with model policy
G1 Curriculum Development and Coordination
F22 Student Assessment
H2 Parental Involvement Policy
H6 Annual School Reports

Windham Southeast School District Board Meeting Agenda + Annual Meeting Warning

The legal voters of the Windham Southeast School District (the “District”), comprising the voters of the Towns of Brattleboro, Dummerston, Guilford, and Putney are hereby notified and warned to meet at Brattleboro Union High School in Brattleboro, Vermont on Tuesday, March 19, 2024 in the gymnasium at 7:00 p.m. to conduct the following business:

Windham Southeast School District Board (WSESD) Meeting Minutes – Jan 23, 2024


● Student representatives expressed concern about a lack of positive student attitudes at the high school and asked for students and staff to show greater sensitivity and inclusivity, particularly to English Language Learners.
● Administrators provided an update on the implementation of two new curricula, EL (a literacy curriculum) and Illustrative Math.
● The board awarded the bid for roof repairs at Green Street School to Triumph Roofing in the amount of $322,000.
● The board awarded the bid for window replacement at The Guilford Central School to Monadnock Commercial Building Company in the amount of $362,949.
● The board approved the proposed FY2025 WSESD budget of $65,846,891. This budget will be presented for a public vote at the district annual meeting on March 19, 2024.
● The board voted to approve the proposed FY2025 Capital Plan.
● The board issued a statement regarding the Sexual Abuse Investigation.
● The board re-adopted two updated policies: D7 Volunteers and Work Study Students and F36 Student Freedom of Expression – School Media
● The Social Justice Committee collaborated with the Superintendent to write a statement expressing support for teachers to discuss the situation in Gaza and Israel in their classrooms. The board will vote whether to approve this statement at their next meeting on January 30, 2024.

WSESD Finance Committee Meeting Minutes – Jan 9, 2024

WSESU Business Administrator Frank Rucker shared and reviewed a document: “Windham Southeast School District FY25 Proposed Budget Summary.” Highlights included:

• The Finance office recently received some new statistics and information from the Agency of Education.
• There have been some updates Mr. Rucker has received since the prior draft:
◦ The state is essentially requiring the District to “pay itself,” by making Brattleboro Union High School (BUHS) pay the Windham Regional Career Center (WRCC) for the approximately 63 students that will attend. The Legislature is reviewing the funding formula.
◦ An addition of $150,000 for the Oak Grove capital project, due to bids being slightly higher than anticipated.
• The Common Level of Appraisal (CLA) statistics are fiscally unfavorable. If there are no changes, this will have a negative affect on the homestead tax rate.

Windham Southeast School District Board Executive Session Minutes January 16, 2024

The board rose from Executive Session at 8:17.

Sherri Keefe commented that she is here to bear witness for all those who are waiting for the resolution to these issues and for the transparency that the board has promised. For healing for survivors, their family members, and all community members that have been affected, and have been waiting for answers, some for over 50 years. She expressed hope that we can achieve this through this process.

Windham Southeast School District Board Meeting Minutes – Jan 9 , 2024

● Student representative concerns included a question of whether the compost materials are going into the trash and concerns about students feeling inhibited in expressing their identity and differences in learning styles.
● Administrators provided an update on Early Education Services and a proposed new public Pre-K classroom in Brattleboro at the Canal Street School
● The superintendent initiated the search process for two administrative positions, The Director of Curriculum and Principal of Brattleboro Union High School, by inviting board members to select representatives for the screening committees.
● The Board awarded a bid for the Oak Grove heat pump improvement project to BG Mechanical, for $2,453,438.
● The Board did a second review of the FY2025 draft budget. The budget is less than a 3% increase from the previous year but changes in the yield and the Common Level of Appraisal are projected to have a large impact on the tax rate for homeowners making more than $140,000 in annual income.

WSESD Social Justice Committee Minutes

Eva Nolan called the meeting to order at 10:09.

The committee welcomed a visitor, Claire Halverson from the NAACP Education Committee. This committee has recently re-activated and is reaching out to strengthen connections with other local organizations with a related mission.