Construction Update Brattleboro-Hinsdale Bridge Update – October 19, 2023

Construction Update


BF A004(152)

DATE: Thursday, October 19, 2023

TRAFFIC IMPACT: Vermont Route 142 is open, and no work that might delay traffic is scheduled for next week. No traffic control is planned.


Backfilling, ditching, and fine grading slopes behind the new curb is complete, and seeding and mulching these areas should be finished this week.

The remaining beam guardrail runs are being installed this week. Related work that is not critical to preparing the road corridor for winter may be done next week, later this Fall as crews are available and the weather allows, or next year.

Recently constructed moment slabs are being cleaned and having waterproofing chemicals applied this week. While work on Pier 1 for the new bridge is getting underway in earnest between the railroad tracks and the Connecticut River, no other work is scheduled for the VT 142 road corridor for the next several weeks, so there will be no need for traffic control.

Looking North at New Curb and Guardrail, and the Backfill Between Them.

Removal of Old Concrete Foundations to Prepare Site for Pier 1. Connecticut River is to the Left. Railroad Tracks and Rebuilt VT 142 are to the Right.


The Hinsdale, NH to Brattleboro, VT bridge project will replace the existing twin truss bridges on New Hampshire Route 119 over the Connecticut River with a single, new structure approximately 1800′ long. On the Vermont side, the new structure will begin on Vermont Route 142 – about 1000′ south of the current intersection of VT 142 and NH 119. The new configuration will connect to NH 119 in New Hampshire east of the George’s Field Road/NH 119 intersection.


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