Hinsdale Gets $3.8 Million Bequest

Here’s a fun one.

Geoffrey Holt, a rather unassuming fellow from Hinsdale, died and left $3.8 million to the town. He said it can be spent on education, health, recreation and culture.

According to the Guardian “He did odd jobs for others, but rarely left town. Despite having taught high schoolers to drive, Holt had given up driving a car. He opted for a bicycle instead, and finally the mower. His mobile home was mostly empty of furniture. No TV or computer either. The legs of the bed went through the floor.”

Don’t judge a book by its cover.  And congrats, Hinsdale!

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  • Millions

    To be fair to the Local paper, it was in the Reformer on Oct. 20. Not quite the same story, but a story with a photo and many other details. Such as “Word is, when Geoffrey was 30 years younger, sometimes he was seen with a 12-pack of Schaefer or Schlitz beer strapped to his bike for his 140-mile roundtrip from Hinsdale to White River Junction, Vermont.”


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