Construction Update Brattleboro-Hinsdale Bridge March 1, 2024

Construction Update


BF A004(152)

DATE: Friday, March 1, 2024


Additional steel deliveries to the Pier 1 site in Vermont will be scheduled at a later date. Details will follow once available.

The delivery route will be along New Hampshire and Vermont Route 119 to Depot Street. This impact will include a short duration closure (approximately 10 minutes) of the twin bridges beginning at the intersection of Bridge Street to Canal Street, Main Street, and Vermont Route 142. Uniformed Traffic Officers will be located at the intersection’s entrance to Bridge Street during the closure period. While the time of the deliveries have not been set, all of them will be off peak hours.


Recent favorable weather has helped the cure of the footing at Pier 1 and the strength of the concrete has allowed crews to move forward with the work on the Pier 1 stem and cap. As the stem rebar is placed and tied, form walls and corners will be set. Once the stem rebar is complete, crews will finish the cap rebar. The next concrete placement will be for the Pier 1 stem and is scheduled for Wednesday, March 6th.


The Hinsdale, NH to Brattleboro, VT bridge project will replace the existing twin truss bridges on New Hampshire Route 119 over the Connecticut River with a single, new structure approximately 1800′ long. On the Vermont side, the new structure will begin on Vermont Route 142 – about 1000′ south of the current intersection of VT 142 and NH 119. The new configuration will connect to NH 119 in New Hampshire east of the George’s Field Road/NH 119 intersection.

Unanticipated delays at a couple of the piers have adjusted the project completion date from Fall 2024 to Summer 2025.


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