BCTV Schedules – Week of August 16, 2021

BCTV Channel 1075 schedule for the week of 8/16/21

Monday, August 16, 2021

4:05 am Middlebury Festival on the Green 2021 – Beg, Steal or Borrow
5:55 am Positively Vermont – Vermont Rail Action Network 7/11/21
6:30 am Open Exchange Vermont: Ep 1 – Bodily Autonomy and Vaccine Passports
7:00 am Brattleboro Rotary Club Speaker Series – Ep 49 – DG John Bob
7:20 am HANDS in the Dirt – Organic Pest Controls – Diseases and Animals 7/21/21

“Here We Are” With Guest Skylar Plumb

Back in the BCTV studio after 8 months on Zoom!

A BUHS Career Center graduate, Skylar’s story is the best of how a life can be turned around through the power of care and support from family, teachers, and community.

BCTV Schedules – Week of August 9, 2021

Monday, August 9, 2021

4:30 am Guilford Selectboard – Guilford SB Mtg 7/26/21
4:55 am Montpelier Connection – Rep. Sarah Copeland-Hanzas
5:30 am Brattleboro Development Review Board – Brattleboro DRB Mtg 7/21/21
7:35 am Congressman Peter Welch Press Conference – FMP Tang Science Annex Project

BCTV Schedules – Week of August 2, 2021

BCTV Channel 1075 schedule for the week of 8/2/21

Monday, August 2, 2021

4:35 am All Things LGBTQ – Interview Show 7/20/21
5:30 am Moccasin Tracks – Gluskabe and The Stone People 7/8/21
6:00 am The News Project – In Studio – Meredith Angwin and the Electric Grid
6:30 am HANDS in the Kitchen – Healthier Snacking 7/1/21
7:07 am Stuck in Vermont – Kitty Korner Café

Futility: The Story of a Moth

Moth on Window

I was sitting in the window the other day looking out into yet another summer shower when I noticed a moth flapping around between the inner pane and the outer storm window.  As is typical for moths trapped in such situations, this one had flown all the way to the top of the window casing where it was beating itself against every surface trying to get out.  I felt for it but couldn’t figure out a way to get at it to effect a bug rescue.  As I pondered its dilemma, it occurred to me that the general tendency of most flying insects when trapped between window panes is exactly the wrong one for escaping that situation.  They always fly up where there is no way for me to open the window and let them out.

Please Help BCTV With This Short Survey

Brattleboro Community TV is a vital community asset. Now, you can help it be even better by taking a short survey to ascertain how it is meeting the needs of the community as a public access TV station and community media center. Your responses will help shape the future of BCTV! Thank you.

Here We Are with Jim Maxwell

From the life of a 60’s radio DJ to acting in N.Y. and Next Stage, with a bit of lawyering at Vermont State House in the mix, JIM MAXWELL has enjoyed every endeavor – and you can hear his personal playlist on our own WVEW, community radio at it’s best.


The Rich Get Richer

“The Rich Get Richer: How Our Quest to Accumulate Wealth has Divided America” will be the topic of a conversation between author/journalist Michael Mechanic and local author and campaigner Chuck Collins, at 7:00pm on Tuesday, August 3, at 118 Elliot (118 Elliot Street, Brattleboro). Since Mechanic and Collins share overlapping interests, their dialogue about the surprising advantages and pitfalls of wealth hoarding promises to be as lively as it is informative. The Rich Get Richer event is live, indoors, and limited to 50 people.

Michael Mechanic is a veteran senior editor at Mother Jones whose writing and editing have resulted in dozens of journalism awards. He is author of the new book, Jackpot: How the Super-Rich Really Live –and How Their Wealth Harms Us All. His work at Mother Jones has often focused on social and criminal justice, racial disparities, mass incarceration, economic inequality, and corporate shenanigans. Since writing Jackpot, he’s been looking more at the ways the wealthiest Americans manipulate the system to their advantage. He lives in Oakland, California, but grew up messing around in the Windham woods and brooks with his local cousins. His late mother, Maggie Newton, grew up on a farm near Hamilton Falls where her parents, David and Margaret Newton, established the Newton School for boys; she later moved to Brattleboro and played in the local orchestra.

BCTV Schedules – Week of July 26, 2021

BCTV Channel 1075 schedule for the week of 7/26/21

Monday, July 26, 2021

4:25 am Yoga with Liza – Kundalini Yoga
5:30 am Brattleboro Music Center presents – The EOS Project Concert 11/8/2020
6:50 am HANDS in the Kitchen – Healthier Snacking 7/1/21
7:30 am Here We Are – with guest Catherine Stephan
8:00 am Democracy Now! – Democracy Now! Daily Broadcast

Smart Meters

A few years back, the power company announced that they would be installing meters that would broadcast usage date directly to the company, without the need for meter readers. Some customers complained that the new meters were making them sick.

I understand that some people are sensitive to electromagnetic radiation.

However, some of these people were complaining BEFORE the new new meters were installed.

Wonder What This Is About…

Today In History
Events for Jul 23
“Committees from neighboring towns and from Springfield and Weathersfield, assembled in convention at the house of Colonel Sargent in Brattleboro for the purpose of concerting measures to protect themselves and their constituents from the indignities to which they were subjected by the authorities of Vermont.”

New Works by Edward Kingsbury III at Gallery in the Woods

Brattleboro, VT – Edward Kingsbury III’s new works are featured at Gallery in the Woods for the month of August with an opening during Gallery Walk on Friday, August 6 from 5:30 – 8 PM. Kingsbury is a self-taught artist who works in many mediums. His artistic process is informed by a deeply prayerful, meditative life.

In 1997 he was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and he found making art to be therapeutic as it serves the purpose of connecting at a deep level with the mystery and acceptance. He describes his work as a conversation with God, allowing the process to happen organically without preconceptions. He has been known for highly detailed abstract, black and white, stream-of-consciousness drawings.

WSESD Climate Crisis Task Force Meeting Agenda


I. CALL TO ORDER – Thomas Nolan, Task Force Chair

II. Approval of Minutes from May 24, 2021

III. Hear outline of Django’s Presentation, Which He Aims to Present at a Full Board Meeting in the Fall

IV. Get an Update from Tim About Progress on the Rich Earth Institute Program

V. Discuss Kurt Daims’ “Greta” Resolution

BCTV Schedules Week of July 19, 2021

BCTV Channel 1075 schedule for the week of 7/19/21

Monday, July 19, 2021

4:25 am Yoga with Liza – Kundalini Yoga
6:00 am Yoga with Liza – Chair Yoga for Creating Openness, Strength, and Tranquility
7:00 am A Work in Progress – A Work In Progress: Pedestrian Bridge in Brattleboro
7:15 am Nuclear Free Future – Transporting Radioactive Waste from Vermont Yankee 6/14/21
8:00 am Democracy Now! – Democracy Now! Daily Broadcast

Rosefire Writing Circles Welcomes New Writers

The Rosefire Writing Circle has been offering community and support for writers of all ages and abilities since 2016. Award-winning writer and veteran teacher Deborah Lee Luskin facilitates.

Deborah creates a safe and welcoming space where participants write to prompts designed to prime the creative pump. Writers focus and fly, spilling their words onto the page. Those who wish then read this new work, while others bear witness to these remarkable stories. The entire process enhances creativity; participants invariably write more, write better, and write with greater confidence.