A Drawing Season

This January at The Drawing Studio in Brattleboro..

We have 5 spots left in A Drawing Season, a “low-residency” drawing study from January to March 2019. With a mix of private lessons, small group workshops and in-studio drawing time you can re-learn drawing as a natural and connective activity. Children draw and are world makers when they do. As adults we, semi-consciously, agree to draw what something looks like rather than our experience of it. They are not the same thing! This tendency is based on identifying the world as a series of objects rather than gatherings of qualities in relationship. A Drawing Season can introduce you to a way of seeing and drawing that includes more of your intelligence, sensitivity and willingness. Skill will gladly follow! You can learn more and register here: https://www.vermontdrawingstudio.com/a-drawing-season/



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