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Good morning everyone

The Winter/Spring schedule is now up on our website and enrollment is open for classes and workshops this Season. Give a gift of Art to someone you love. We now have gift certificates for the new year.

Here is some of what is on offer in January at The Drawing Studio:

Mondays, Drawing Basics: an introduction to looking and drawing for absolute beginners and those looking to firm up their drawing foundation.

Tuesdays, Color Mixing: a five week short course to help understand the dynamics of color and methods of color mixing. Invaluable for painters.

Drop In Life Drawing: Our popular Tuesday evening figure drawing session. Independent work, great models, beautiful space.

Wednesdays, Open Studio: Every Wednesday the Studio is open for people to come and use materials, draw, read, learn (independently or with instruction).

Thursdays, Private Lessons: Every Thursday, private lessons are offered for those who want more focused help with their work and want to develop a more independent practice.

Fridays, Long Pose: for drawers, painters and sculptors, a three-week pose, 9 hours of working time! Independent work, no instruction.

For more info and to register, visit

And our newest offering, A Drawing Season, a four month exploration of drawing and creativity that combines private lessons, small group work and the developing a more personal relationship with Art. Limited to 7. details here:

Happy Holidays to you all and thank you for supporting Art and The Drawing Studio!

Jason Alden
The Drawing Studio
28 Williams Street
Brattleboro VT 05301

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