Dummerston Leadership Council Meeting Minutes from 2-15-24

Dummerston Leadership Council
Meeting Minutes from: 2-15-24

In attendance:

Dummerston Leadership Council Monthly Communication to School Board

1-3 Things we celebrate/appreciate this month about our school:

Successful winter sports program. Black lives matter/black history/let me be great campaign underway

1-3 Topics worthy of discussion at the most recent LC meeting and amongst our school community:

Inadequate staffing/subs, disrupted student services, as a result. Teachers spread thin, not supported as needed during the most trying of times. School budget legislation and awareness. Upcoming information meetings and vote for budget, as well as board director candidates.

Communications from LC members to our School Board:

The Dummerston Leadership Council formally requests that the school board prioritize the issue around the shortage of substitute educators to fill essential roles and provide adequate staffing to fulfill student services and contractual teacher obligations. We request this issue be put on the board agenda ASAP with confirmation of advanced notice (greater than a warned meeting).

Questions for the School Board:

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