Business Program Advisory Meeting Agenda April 3, 2024

Business Program Advisory Meeting Agenda
Wednesday, April 3, 2024
3pm-4pm, Room 292

Members Present:

● Introductions
● Business Course Syllabus, level 1 & 2
● New Curriculum Software
● Community Websites
● Job Shadowing/Co-op Opportunities
● Other Items

The Advisory Board aims to strengthen CTE programs by providing input for curriculum
and related district program activities. It also helps increase community awareness and
participation in CTE programs. The Advisory Board makes recommendations but is not
responsible for funding, program implementation, or supervision.

● Assist in a smooth transition for students from school to college and careers.
● Identify critical workforce competencies and industry trends for incorporation into CTE programs and activities.
● Increase the number of youths preparing to enter college or skilled occupations.
● Improve employer’s access to qualified young people.
● Increase the number of work-based learning opportunities for students

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