iBrattleboro Tags – Just Use A Comma

Just a quick housekeeping note. When tagging you stories, you are tagging them for this site and not that other social media site you might be thinking of, whatever that is.

No hashtag is necessary here, just a comma!

Some common tags I like to use here are the name of the person or organization, a year, or a full street name. Single words are better than phrases in most cases, unless it is a phrase everyone uses here in Brattleboro, such as Representative Town Meeting or Living Memorial Park.

If you want to tag this story, for example, you might put in tags that go like this:

iBrattleboro, tag, story, comma, hashtag

Don’t do this:

#iBrattleboro, #tag, #story, #comma, #hashtag

because it adds the hashtag to your tag and I have to go in and remove it. : )


Thanks, and definitely keep tagging. It is a powerful but an underused aspect of the site.  If you have questions, let us know.

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