Essential Information: Brattleboro Food Co-op and Covid-19

The Brattleboro Food Co-op is well considered an essential local business and is open for business with limited hours and curbside pickup for groceries, sundries, fresh and frozen foods, wellness supplies, and more during this Covid-19 epidemic.

As a central local business focused on food and health, the Co-op feels it is important everyone in the Bratt community knows the Co-op is making every effort to keep its staff and customers safe and comfortable during this crisis. The store hours have changed temporarily to 2pm-7pm daily so customers can come into the Co-op to do their own shopping. The Co-op has also created a Curbside Pickup service for those who are compromised and don’t want to go into the store. Customers can call the Curbside Hotline at 802-246-2800 to place an order for pick up curbside either that same day or the next day.

The Co-op is enforcing limited customers in the store at a time, and the Co-op staff is pitching in to thoroughly clean and sanitize the store, and stock shelves, while customers are not present.

Curbside pickup is available from 8am-2pm daily. This service was created out of necessity; very new and and and ever changing to make this experience as easy and friendly as possible. The friendly Co-op staff will make every attempt to get customers the products they need for delivery to their car. These orders require customers to call in their order and complete payment using a credit card. Orders are kept cool and safe and are ready to pickup within the hour. Orders placed between Noon and 2pm can be placed for next day pickup. At this time, available products are subject to availability and some quantity restrictions may apply.

The Co-op is asking customers who come to the store to shop between 2pm and 7pm to please be considerate and aware by establishing a 6 foot social distancing with other customers, especially at the checkout counters where plexiglass barriers have been installed, and the card readers, belts, and screens are being wiped and sanitized between every customer.

The Co-op asks for your patience during this difficult time, and are truly thankful for all of their local producers and farms who are making deliveries as fast as they can. Mostly they are thankful to be an essential part of our community.

Visit for up to date information regarding temporary hours, curbside pickup, and other COVID-19 issues.

In addition, all events, classes, community room gatherings/meetings, and store demos have been cancelled till further notice, however, the April Board of Directors Meeting will be held virtually on Monday, April 6th. Shareholders are welcome to participate but must contact for a link to join.

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  • And Dotties ?

    What are the precautions Dotties can put into place?
    Have put into place?
    Six feet of distance seems unlikely in such a crowded place?
    Are they enforcing limited customers?
    How can they manage lowering direct contact since the counter where the cash register is narrow?
    How to maintain disinfecting ?
    Curb service seems impossible…

  • And Dottie's? Here are the answers...

    Dottie’s Discount Foods has installed plexiglass shields in front of the cashiers, and the staff are sanitizing surfaces, carts, cooler/freezer door handles, and card reader PIN pads after each customer.

    Posters have been put up explaining Social Distancing. Six foot areas have been marked on the floor and only one person may be allowed in that space at a time. Generally, the number of shoppers in Dottie’s at any time is light, so enforcing this has not been an issue. So far, the number of customers allowed in the store has not been limited, but may happen at some point in the near future.

    Curbside service would be very difficult with the transit vehicles constantly in and out of the spaces in front of the store, so this has not been considered an option.

    Dottie’s temporary hours are 11am-6pm daily, but these could change during the course of the COVID-19 epidemic. Visit Dottie’s on facebook at for up to the minute information.

  • Thank You

    Good News to read..
    Thank you all who have worked so hard and are working so hard to continue to help keep everyone as safe as possible.
    Great Co-op people doing the best that can be done, and doing it well.

  • The coop is not a good neighbor

    A month now, they’ve had some guy outside on the canal street side, in the courtyard for all the apartments above the coop, angle grinding and hammering on steel cages. When asked today by someone how many he had left? “A lot.” So loud and obnoxious, all day long, Monday through Friday. You would not want the coop as your neighbor, they seem to despise us. Well, now the feeling is mutual.

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