Can Author Preview Their Story Before Submission?

Text is same as story title,

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  • Sorta

    If you write it in a word processor before you paste it into the iBrattleboro story form, you can take your time, check spelling, and so on.

    There’s no preview as you submit.

    Once published, if you were logged in when you submitted the story, you can make edits.

  • I agree but...

    When we launched the updated iBrattleboro, we switched platforms which led to some features getting lost in the shuffle. We would love to get the Preview feature back but because of certain issues related to the new platform, it isn’t as easy as it was. As soon as we can, though, we’ll restore Preview because it’s great and we’d like it too.

    We have a list and we’re still plodding through it, but life throws curves and there isn’t always time to perfect things as quickly as we want to.

    Thanks for the nudge!

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