Brattleboro Fire Department – Excessive Rain in July

During the week of July 3rd, the Town of Brattleboro began to receive information regarding multiple strong storm cells entering Vermont during the weekend. Further information collected from the Vermont Emergency Management and information from the National Weather Service indicated a strong possibility for localized flooding throughout the State of Vermont with a heightened focus on counties north of Windham County for the evening hours of July 9, 2023, through July 11, 2023.

The Town of Brattleboro began to prepare for an emergency response to these weather conditions with a strong focus on the Brattleboro Fire Department and Department of Public Works to marginalize any water-related events.

The Town of Brattleboro has been very fortunate compared to some of our neighboring communities in both Vermont and New Hampshire. Currently, the following roads have been impacted the most by the weather conditions:
– Mountain Home Trailer Park (Tri-Park)
– Ames Hill
– Marlboro Road
– George F. Miller Drive

As mentioned, we have seen flooding in the Tri-Park area. The flooding surrounded many trailers on Deteman Drive, Village Drive, Edgewood Drive, and Woodvale Drive. All occupants have either evacuated, or decided to shelter in place. The Brattleboro Fire Department will continue to maintain a presence in this area throughout the storm.

The National Weather Service has indicating much of the storm has now passed. We anticipate the flooding levels to begin to reside over the next few hours but will continue to monitor weather conditions.

All drivers are advised to exercise caution. Never drive through flooded roadways. Avoid driving over or near downed power lines, and call emergency services immediately. Keep a safe distance from downed power lines until help arrives. If you have an emergency, dial “911”.

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