“Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence” was a phrase made popular by Carl Sagan.

We need to modify this phrase to suit our current situation: “Extraordinary circumstances require extraordinary action”

Demonstrations alone are insufficient. We need a mass civil disobedience campaign. We need to shut down the operations of the government in order to gain their attention.

War and preparations for a war constitute some of our greatest problems. We need action to eliminate the enormous profits these activities enable.

Global warming and the changes it triggers are an even bigger problem. Continuing our obsession with fossil fuels guarantees our posterity will consist solely of cockroaches.

Capitalism, as it has devolved, is not solving these problems, it is exacerbating them.

If we lived in a true democracy, the police would be here to arrest the criminal politicians who are wrecking the planet.

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  • "We need a mass civil disobedience campaign. "

    Americans seem willing to take whatever is given to them. Sure, we’ll stand on a sidewalk with a sign, or send an email, or post something somewhere. Maybe invest in a bumpersticker. Retweet. Like. Cast a vote!

    If you were the one in power, would any of that scare you? I’d laugh at how easy it was to do whatever I wanted.

    Bush II really took “doing whatever I want” to a new level. Before that, there were norms and conventions. Bush and Cheney changed all that. Whatever the president does is OK. Toss out some amendments to the Constitution. Torture. Unprovoked wars. Free speech zones.

    The only checks and balances we have on our corporate government is other corporations disagreeing with their peers.

    And what Tom suggests above. Shutting it down.

    But no one will do this. We aren’t revolutionaries. That drained from our American blood a long time ago. We’re tired, defeated, cranky, upset, disorganized, bickering, etc.

    Remember the 99% protests in NYC? Bankers drank champagne and laughed at everyone and it all faded as soon as the weather turned. Protesters were dumb enough to think that police and govt officials wouldn’t read social media feeds to find out exactly what would happen. They read them, and shut them down easily.

    Trump’s been in office two years. People hate Trump. Have they done anything to stop him? There have been a few marches and campaigns, but generally, no. I talk to people who are furious at him for destroying the world, but they don’t seem inclined to do anything other than watch and complain.

    We’re about to elect Democrats to the House. Will they be obstacles, or will they “compromise” like all other Democrats before them? The right thing to do would be to get elected, then put forth a popular agenda. Hammer it, and force Republicans to vote against it. Voters would be impressed that people were fighting for them, even if they didn’t get a single thing accomplished.

    But, that’s relying on elected officials. It isn’t disobedient to vote. It’s expected as part of civil society.

    As for police locking them up, I’m reminded of Whitey Bulger – the mob boss who had the FBI on the payroll. Yeah, maybe…. someday.

  • Nevertheless

    I believe on working on the immediate as well as dealing in the theory of what would be better to do.
    I think Noam Chomsky has a good take on reality.
    I am grateful to all those who kept working for justice for all people and voting and providing a differing voice from the hate.

    Noam Chomsky on Midterms: Republican Party Is the “Most Dangerous Organization in Human History”

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