A Ka-Razy RTM

It was a ka-RAZY meeting. The 2021 RTM ran into overtime and continued Sunday (3/21), and since the members only had the remaining agenda to handle, they were alert and curious at the end. Many members and the moderator made efforts to preserve even more time for the proposals of the RTM members.

BCS advanced an uncontroversial educational pamphlet for the members that passed overwhelmingly. Toward the end there were a glitch and a flurry of objections as the establishment didn’t have a quorum (enough participants) for a big money maneuver. The panic was hilarious, as the moderator counted the members three times and Tim Wessel apparently arranged for people to return from dinner to vote to “adjourn the meeting to a later date so we could convene only to officially end the meeting”.

But people left as the diners returned and we had to be counted again. A vote to adjourn until we could consider more of our own proposals almost passed, and several original RTM proposals were approved. Great progress on activating RTM!.

The quote from the charter “RTM is a guiding body for the town and a source of ideas, proposals and commentary” is becoming a meme in Brattleboro.

Thanks again for Tim Wessel’s help.

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  • Focus on your accomplishments and build consensus. A ti

    Focus on your accomplishments and build consensus. A tit for tat is not going to help your cause. Be judicious. If the goal is to move your agenda forward, be more selective with your challenges and your criticism.


      I revised and posted on “Brattleboro VT” FB page. Took out personal reference to address tit-for-tat and added website link. Is this change in the direction you prefer ?

  • Ka-Razy indeed.

    What’s “Ka-razy” is this description of the events, which doesn’t seem to be related to any reality.
    But, you’re welcome I guess?

  • What is up with that?

    Kurt post expresses gratitude toward Tim Wessel, but Wessel seems unable to resist derogatory innuendo against Diams… not just here, but in a recent post referring to Kurt Daims and his “gang.” https://www.ibrattleboro.com/opinion/politics/2021/03/reform-rtm-maybe-but-lets-understand-it-first/

    I think a Selectboard which welcomes diverse opinion is essential. A welcoming Board is not solely Tim’s responsibility, but that of every Board member.

  • Pandora's RTM

    I’m still waiting for reps (other than Kurt, who weighed in above…) to tell constituents what happened at RTM.

    What were the big discussions? What were the big results? How did you vote on these matters? Did you agree with the outcomes? Did you accomplish anything for your District?

    What was it like being in a zoom meeting of that length? Did the moderator do a good job? How were new reps treated? What was “other business” like? Were there tributes to deceased reps? What time did you finish? Is RTM the best we can do? : )

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