Who Are All These People Running For President? The Vermont Ballot 2020

As a fan of third parties – I think this country desperately needs a third or fourth party – I was thrilled to see the number of candidates for president on the Vermont ballot this year. Twenty one possibilities await the registered Vermont voter.

But who are they?

1. Joseph R. Biden and Kamala D. Harris, Democratic Party

You know these two. I guess my main point for this one is that it is the “Democratic Party” not the “Democrat Party.” Make note.

2. Don Blankenship and Bill Mohr, Constitution Party.

Equality, ethics and exactness are the three principles of Blankenship’s Plan for America. He wants to get rid of laws that discriminate, return us to a nation of laws, and make sure we are aware that the media does not provide truthful information because they are a corporate extension of the two main parties.

3. Brian Carroll and Amar Patel, American Solidarity

Christian Democrats. “Life” and “Family” are the top of the platform. They’d like teachers to design their own curriculum, and sex education should include anti-abortion education. They oppose conscription in the armed forces, would like the PATRIOT ACT repealed, the FISA court abolished, an end to prisoners as slave labor, and pornography criminalized. And more…

4. Phil Collins and Billy Joe Parker, Prohibition Party

“The country’s oldest third party!” says their site. They like civil unions, not marriage, for people wanting legal protections. They oppose animal cruelty, like free enterprise, state-level health programs, and, of course, opposes alcohol, tobacco, cannabis, heroin, cocaine and will help farmers switch to alternative crops.

5. Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente and Darcy G. Richardson, Alliance Party

Single payer healthcare for all, including mental health care, tops De La Fuente’s list. He’d like us to view immigrants as assets rather than liabilities, strive for social equity and fair taxing of corporations, have a job guarantee program and a livable income for those who cannot work. He’d like to reinvigorate teaching and education, transform to a low carbon economy, protect natural resources, fair gun control legislation, fix social secuirty, and stop nation-building.

6. Richard Duncan and Mitch Bupp, Independent Party

Not much info. He’s a Methodist from Ohio who runs for office. he’s on a board of Building Appeals in Kent, OH.

7. Howie Hawkins and Angela Walker, Green Party

Hawkins supports an ecosocialist Green New Deal, peace policies, an economic Bill of Rights, a socialist economy and a political democracy, criminal and social justice, media democracy and tax justice.

8. Blake Huber and Frank Atwood, Approval Voting Party

It’s a party devoted to the issue of “approval voting” in which voters can choose/approve any number of candidates and the winner is the “most approved” candidate. each candidate is treated as a separate question – do you approve of this person for this job.

9. Jo Jorgensen and Jeremy “Spike” Cohen, Libertarian Party

She would like to reduce red tape, end government shutdowns, allow price competition to bring down health care costs, end civil asset forfeiture, wants America to be a big Switzerland that is armed and neutral, would like to change social security to a CATO Institute plan, and will reduce government spending and borrowing.

10. Alyson Kennedy and Malcolm Jarrett, Socialist Workers Party

Kennedy has worked at Walmart and as a coal miner. Jarrett is a cook at a catering company. They’d like the working class to be in control, a government program to repair roads, hospitals, and infrastructure. They think teachers should be in charge of when schools re-open.

11. Kyle Kenley Kopitke and Taja Yvonne Iwanow, The People’s Revolution (Independent) Party

Not much about this pair out there, other than notice of them filing to run.

12. Christopher Lafontaine and Michael Speed, Independent

Locals! From Vermont. “We’re a campaign tired of the establishment telling us how to vote,” says their web page. “Are You a Never Trumper, Never Biden, Look Here.”

13. Gloria La Riva and Sunil Freeman, Liberty Union

An “unapologetically socialist party committed to non-violence” that started in Vermont. They promote the rights of working people to own the profit from their labor, advocating for basic human rights, and secure income to all people.

14. Keith McCormic and Sam Blasiak, Bull Moose Party

Not much out there on these two, but perhaps they like Teddy Roosevelt?

15. H. Brooke Paige and Thomas James Witman, Grumpy Old Patriots

Paige is a Vermonter and frequent candidate for office. He has experience working in sales, and his favorite musician is Kenny Rogers. Not much info about their party, though.

16. Brock Pierce and Karla Ballard, (Unaffiliated) Independence Party

They’d like to break up the duopoly of power and fix systematic government dysfunction with a left-right-center coalition. Ideas rooted in common sense, with politicians that speak truthfully to voters, unencumbered by political leaders.

17. Zachary Scalf and Matthew Lyda, Independent

Barely any info but lots of pictures of big guns on a social media page.

18. Jerome Segal and John DeGraaf, Bread and Roses Party

For new socialists and non socialists. Not wedded to big government, they would like to experiment. They feel we’re all in this together and that our “job system” divides us unnaturally. They like Quakers, John Adams and Thoreau, and non-material things. They like sustainability and peace, with tolerance and engagement. Their vision of the American Dream? “To have a modest but very secure income, sufficient for meeting core needs, through meaningful work and living in a beautiful environment, with sufficient leisure to do those things that matter most in life.”

19. Gary Swing and David Olszta, Boiling Frog Party

Swing is a member of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. His current car is a bike. Grover Cleveland is his favorite president. Favorite food is food for thought.

20. Donald J. Trump and Michael R. Pence, Republican Party

You know these two.

21 Kanye West and Michelle Tidball, (Independent) Birthday Party

West would like to create a culture of life, environmental stewardship, support for the arts, restoring school prayer, and advocating for a strong national defense. He’s against abortion and capital punishment.


That was a fun exercise.  If there weren’t any Trumps or Bidens running, which of these others would you choose?

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