April Precipitation Report

Monthly precipitation of 5.04” compared to a NOAA normal of 3.85”. A couple larger storms in the first half brought most of the moisture with a much dryer second half of April. For the calendar year the total is 21.00” compared to the NOAA average of 14.3” or 148% of normal. All numbers are from my location in the S.E. corner of Brattleboro and can vary from one location to another. My snow total for the season is 40.4” compared to my yearly average of 62.8”.

March Precipitation Report

March precipitation total is 7.88″.  NOAA normal is 3.62″ so we are 218% above average for the month. Yearly precip stands at 15.99″ compared to NOAA average of 10.12″ or 158% of normal.   Normal is a NOAA term which is a 30 year average for the years 1990- 2020.  The average or normal changes every 10 years.  I think of the terms as interchangeable.  NOAA, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration or the National Weather Service.  

Snowfall at my location this winter season is 35.1″.  There are no official averages for this area but my average for the past 30 years is about 64″ so we are low even though the moisture is high.