Eduardo Melendez on “Here We Are”

Eduardo is doing “the good work” at our Multicultural Center – helping to re-settle and assist refugees and asylum seekers while bringing their skills, culture and talents into our community – all with an amazing staff and many local volunteers.

WSESD Meeting Agendas

I. CALL TO ORDER – 6:15 p.m. – Kelly Young, Board Chair
II. EXECUTIVE SESSION – 1VSA §313 (a)(4) a disciplinary or dismissal action against a public officer or employee

WSESD Board Meeting Agenda and Meeting Minutes

Mindy Haskins Rogers of Northampton (MA) and an alumna of BUHS, mentioned the policy of reporting unprofessional conduct by a licensed teacher to the Vermont Agency of Education, which has a state-level review panel. She cited the statute supporting this. Ms. Haskins Rogers asked Superintendent Mark Speno if he was aware of this requirement, and if he had issued these reports in a timely fashion. Mr. Speno replied “yes” to both questions.

• Mr. Schoales asked if the investigator had received more support to complete the interviews and research. KY responded: she was unsure but will follow up. Mr. Speno noted the investigator has not requested more support.

WSESD Finance Committee Meeting Agenda and Minutes

• The total FY24 proposed budget is $62.9 million, which is up 3.2-percent.
• Revenues are expected to be $11,181,775, and Mr. Rucker mentioned some revenue sources.
• The budget minus revenues equals the education spending figure, which is $51.7 million.
• The equalized pupils figure — 2,206.9 — is very close to last year’s figure.
• The education spending per pupil figure is $23,455.

WSESD Board Meeting Agendas for Executive Sessions

The Windham Southeast School District Board will meet at 5:00 p.m. on Monday,
January 16, 2023 remotely via Zoom. Purpose: 1VSA §313 (a)(4)
Note: The Zoom link for this meeting will be provided by a separate party to those
involved in the Executive Session.

WSESU Board Meeting Agenda and Minutes

Discussion of Budget. Highlights:
a. “Budget season” is misnomer since budget development is year-long process and Board members always have a fiduciary responsibility with every decision made. Steps taken today are not set in stone. Goal is always what’s best for our students.

b. Review of same budget doc presented last week showing a $31,253,290 m budget for SU down 3.2% from last year

WSESD Finance Committee Meeting Agenda and Minutes

WSESD CFO Frank Rucker shared and reviewed a document: “Windham Southeast School District: FY24 Proposed Budget Summary.” He noted this document is on the website, and he will distribute copies to all WSESD Board members at their meeting tonight. Mr. Rucker also distributed a document, “WSESD FY24 Budget Detail,” to attendees, and indicated he had already emailed it to Board members. Highlights of Mr. Rucker’s budget presentation included:

• The total “general operating expenditures” portion of the proposed budget is $62,944,634, which reflects an increase of 3.2% over the previous year’s budget.