Crazy, Loony, Kooky

A lot of really crazy, loony, kooky individuals have a hard time accepting the official government explanation of the events of 9/11. (I count myself among them). We are called “Conspiracy Theorists” and that’s supposed to be the end of it.

Works pretty well!

But many sane, intelligent patriotic Americans have no trouble accepting the government’s theory that a group of young disaffected Arab men conspired with a disaffected scion of a wealthy Arab family, suffering from kidney disease and living in an elaborate cave in Afghanistan, to defy the nation’s defense systems and allow 4 hijacked airliners to dance around our skies for a few hours until they managed to crash 3 of them into iconic structures, killing thousands.

Well, that’s a “Conspiracy Theory”, too!


Has anybody noticed the decline of this once great station?

For years, I’ve enjoyed its Progressive Talk format.

I still enjoy Live & Local in the morning, and Thom Hartmann in the afternoon, but the evening and weekend programming has hit the bottom. When the Red Sox are not playing, all they seem to offer is Dead Air.

Dear Brattleboro Cyclists and Skaters

I’m going to try to contain my ranting (just imagine extra expletives as you read and you should get the gist) about the cyclists and skaters I have had the unfortunate experiences of this week.

To the skater who decided I was in his right of way as I drove south on Main St, intending to turn onto High St: No, actually, skating down the middle of the lane is actually not your prerogative. You don’t get to give me attitude, you need to get your helmetless self out of the way of my car.

Here We Go Again

To Senators : Pat Leahy and Bernard Sanders and Representative: Peter Welch

First off I want to make it perfectly clear that I am against supporting death directly or indirectly, regardless of who did it. However, the elephant in the room, the huge issue here that NO ONE wants to acknowledge is …

Did Assad’s forces do it?

The fact that this fundamental question continues to remain unaddressed by you is very telling. I wrote an open letter to all of you just a few days ago. This letter was also sent out to local news media. I got form letter responses back from every one of you. Not one ZERO, NADA NONE of you felt that this question needed to be addressed.

No Premise for New War: Move-On Protests Obama War-Mongering

How Horrible for us all that Obama looks more and more like Bush.   And don’t be distracted by the chemical weapons.  When he finally gets his incontrovertible “proof” that the Syrian government used poison gas, remember, Obama himself says it is a civil war. 

He has no humanitarian motive here: to die from poison is no worse than being blasted or burnt or bled by other kinds of weapons.  Obama’s plan will only lead to more war, more revenge, more poverty and wasted dollars at home thousands every second, more and more destroyed innocent lives. 

No one should be fooled by this new rush to war.  Don’t be fooled, and don’t be slienced, and don’t be morally castrated !   Show your heart ! Show yourself ! Show your guts ! 

Dream Anniversary Celebration Shrouds King’s ‘Beyond Vietnam’ Nightmare Sermon, His Martyrdom, Syrians

As US threatens Syria – 2013 ‘I Have a Dream’ anniversary. No mention of the 1967 King, condemner of America’s ‘atrocity wars’, who belatedly wanted to include the poor being slaughtered overseas for US investment profits in his dream of a just America. War investor owned conglomerate media promotes a patriotic war disinterested King, continues black out martyred King’s fiery condemnation of atrocity wars for investments.

Time To Say Goodbye

It’s time to say goodbye. For all the many people who have stood so strongly up against the big bad corporation cheer in full delight. Proudly many of them say what a wonderful thing they vainly say they helped to push the big bad corporation out of Vermont. Out of their area. They blew and they blew as hard and as long as they could. Feeling hopless and powerless as the bad bad business was standing it’s ground fighting to stay in business here in southern vermont.

You won. You won the war and now the doors are being closed as the days become numbered and the hours countable as to when it is official that the Vermont Yankess Nuclear Power plant makes ready to end this supply of costly electricity.

Syria – An Open Letter to the Editor

Submitted to: Burlington Free Press, Rutland Herald, Brattleboro Reformer, iBrattleboro

September 5, 2013

Senator Patrick Leahy
Senator Bernard Sanders
Representative Peter Welch

Assad is winning the war in Syria without the use of chemical weapons. Further he knows that using chemical weapons would invite foreign intervention into this war. This would be an extraordinarily stupid thing to do. Assad maybe many things but NO ONE has ever called him stupid.

Critcal Eye Versus a Blind One

It is my opinion that directly telling people the truth does not work. The public is so naïve, so gullible, so committed to their belief in a principled country, with principled leaders, that even direct video quotes do not seem to matter. They watch their leaders lie repeatedly on video, yet they refuse to believe they saw them lie. It is simply unbelievable.

People do not want to look, confront or believe that they have been duped, that they are actually being manipulated by a tiny fraction of the world’s elite, the Old World Order, the ole boy network, the status quo, Club Elite. They do not want to face what answers to unanswered questions and unexplained coincidences might mean. Such an awareness might require them to look into the mirror and realize that their ignorance has contributed and enabled what, by any measure, is now an Evil Empire.

Pollution In Our Town

Looks like Cersosimo is big time making me cough. The factory is working 24/7 and now is making high pitched sound at night. Creates a sleepless resonant atmosphere for me.

Rep. Welch Statement on Syria

Congressman Peter Welch made the following statement in response to President Obama’s remarks this afternoon on Syria:

“Congress has a clear Constitutional responsibility to authorize military action. Consistent with this profound responsibility, I have strongly advocated that President Obama send any plan for military intervention in Syria to Congress for review and authorization. I am pleased that he has now agreed to do so. I will be an active participant in the forthcoming debate and will be mindful throughout of the enormous sacrifice we ask every day of the men and women of America’s military and their families.”

Sanders Statement on Syria

WASHINGTON, Aug. 31 – Sen. Bernie Sanders issued the following statement today after President Barack Obama announced that he will ask Congress to authorize military strikes against Syria:

“The use of chemical weapons by the Assad dictatorship is inhumane and a violation of international law. However, at this point in time, I need to hear more from the president as to why he believes it is in the best interests of the United States to intervene in Syria’s bloody and complicated civil war. I look forward to the Senate debate that will be taking place in the very near future.”

Grossed Out On Main Street

I wonder who left a huge pile of partially formed excrement on Main Street Friday evening. I think it was near Fireworks. More importantly, though, it was in the middle of the sidewalk. It was presented to the town, I would guess, by either a big dog or a sick or inebriated human. Or by an individual with serious boundary issues.

I know about it because I stepped in it!

It fouled my almost brand new pair of shoes, which don’t feel new anymore. It caused a disgusting end to a pleasant evening out. And then, at home, I had to spend time and energy scrubbing the sole of the soiled shoe with a grout brush.

Senator Leahy Welcomes Long-Awaited DOJ Guidelines For Enforcement Of Federal Marijuana Laws

WASHINGTON – Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) on Thursday welcomed the Justice Department’s release of guidelines for enforcement of federal marijuana laws in light of action at the state level.

Leahy has pressed the administration for such guidance since last year, when he wrote to the Director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) after two states voted to legalize small amounts of marijuana for personal use. Leahy also announced earlier this week that the Judiciary Committee will hold a hearing next month titled “Conflicts between State and Federal Marijuana Laws.” Deputy Attorney General James Cole, who released DOJ’s guidelines on Thursday, will testify at the hearing.

Gov. Peter Shumlin’s Announcement On Entergy’s Planned Closing Vermont Yankee

“This is the right decision for Vermont as we move to a greener energy future.

Entergy’s announcement today confirms what we have known for some time.  Operating and maintaining this aging nuclear facility is too expensive in today’s world.  Vermont utilities no longer have contracts with Vermont Yankee, and our regional grid is not reliant upon it for stability.  Vermont has made clear its desire to move toward more sustainable, renewable sources of electricity, and many of our surrounding states are doing likewise. 

Vermont Yankee was built with an expectation that it would operate for a limited period of years.  While it is no secret that Vermont and Entergy have disagreed on how long that should be, it is now clear that Vermont Yankee is a part of the energy past, and will not be a part of our energy future. 

Congressman Welch Stresses Jobs and Safety Following Decision to Close Vermont Yankee

Burlington, VT. (August 27th, 2013)- Rep. Peter Welch made the following statement regarding Entergy Corporation’s plan to close the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant:

“My thoughts are with the employees of Vermont Yankee. This dedicated workforce has always been steadfast in their professionalism and commitment to the operation of the plant,” Welch said.

Statement from NH Governor Hassan on Closure of Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Station

CONCORD – Governor Maggie Hassan issued the following statement today on Entergy Corporation’s decision to close and decommission the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Station:

“While today’s announcement is significant, the issues related to the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Station have been closely monitored for years by officials in New Hampshire and across the region, and I am confident that, given the advanced notice, all parties are prepared to effectively respond and ensure public safety throughout the closure process.”