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Brattleboro Academy Trustees give notice that they have engaged the services of Mr. Joseph Russell Gaut, A.B., a graduate of Amherst College, as principal of this Institution. Such assistance will be employed as the patronage may demand. Terms of Tuition: Common English Branches, $3.00 per term. Higher English $3.50 per term. Ancient Languages, $4.00 per term. French, Drawing, Painting, addition for each $1.00 per term.


Surveyor Stockwell is building a concrete walk the whole length of Elliot Street.


Surveyor Stockwell is building a concrete walk the whole length of Elliot street.


The present week shows such a rush of railroading through and from Brattleboro as probably was never seen before. All southern bound trains are crowded and afternoon trains are from 30 minutes to two hours late. Yesterday the afternoon down train had nine cars, including five drawing rooms. In some cases it has been impossible for the baggage cars to take all the baggage.


S.M. Waite was brought to Brattleboro by the 10 o’clock train on Wednesday morning, by Deputy Marshal Sprague, to testify in the several cases now pending before the commissioners against his estate in insolvency. He walks the streets in company with the deputy-marshal with all his old-time air of enjoyment and careless indifference. Whatever else may be the matter with him Waite evidently is not a prey to remorse and compunction for his sins and crimes.


The foundation of the tower was laid in July and its massive walls are now rising slowly but surely. It is circular in shape with a diameter of 18 feet. The material is of stone and cement with an inner lining of brick. The stone is quarried near by on the high land among the trees in the park. The present season the walls will be carried to a height of ten feet, and five years will probably be occupied in completing the structure.


White & Gavin’s stove store is to be furnished with incandescent lights.


Superintendent Jones of the electric road has secured Main’s circus to exhibit on Clark’s meadow Sept. 17.


A new delivery tank has been received by the local agents of the Standard Oil company. The tank will be used in delivering oil from the main tank on Vernon street to merchants.


There seems to be no doubt but that the electric railroad will be able to accomodate the public during the two days of the Valley Fair although the new iron bridge will not be completed by that time.


D.E. Tasker, secretary of the Valley Fair, is at this time receiving many letters from fakirs and others asking for privileges and room to exhibit their “midway” attractions. This year, as always in the past, the fair management absolutely refuse to have any shows of this kind on the grounds, holding that a straight, clean agricultural and cattle show, with good racing, is what the people want.

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Shocked: We Are Not The Only Brattleboro

I was doing some research for the book I am writing about novelist and newspaper man, T. P. James, who lived in Brattleboro in the 1870s, before moving onward. In  the course of my research, I stumbled on this listing of a newspaper called the Headlight in Brattleboro in 1886.


I was very curious to see the county listed for Brattleboro, as Edgecombe County. Then I noticed that I was in the North Carolina portion of the newspaper directory. 


Kobayashi Maru

Somewhere in the Klingon neutral zone, a ship of civilians reels and thrashes on the verge of destruction. A distress signal is sent out to all sectors. A Starfleet commander in the vicinity picks up the cry for help, and ponders his next move. If he rescues the ship, the act will surely be seen as a forbidden territorial intrusion, unleashing hostility. If he does nothing, the innocent inhabitants of the vessel will surely die. What is the correct call?

For the sake of a little galactic perspective, let’s rouse the development division, and contract a rewrite.


Brattleboro Time Trade Listings - Week of August 31

Brattleboro Time Trade:

Exchanging services, creating connections, strengthening communities, one hour at a time.

See below for exciting Upcoming Events and learn what Time Trade is all about!

This week's fabulous listings, brought to you from a Laborious Day:


Can Help You Start an Online Business
Pickup Truck for Moving or Errands
Karaoke Empowerment Therapy
Child Care
"Poetry-In-Motion" Lessons/Workshops
Minor Electrical Repair


Brooks House Canopy

Once the New Brooks House gets established, it would be interesting to add a new 2-Story canopy made to modern standards.


West Nile Virus Discovered in Windham County

Vermont Department of Health has announced that they have discovered mosquitoes in areas of Windham County including Brattleboro that have tested positive for West Nile Virus. Please direct anyone with questions about West Nile Virus to information on the Vermont Department of Health Web Site, www.healthvermont.gov.

The Town has been in contact with representatives from the Vermont Department of Health who continue to urge people to take normal precautions when outdoors, and to follow the recommendations listed on the attached Health Department flyer.


Sanders on Labor Day

BURLINGTON, Vt., Aug. 31 – U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) issued the following statement in advance of Monday’s observation of Labor Day:

"Today, we salute the trade union movement and all Americans who are fighting for the needs of working families.

“The sad reality of today's America is that while the wealthiest people and largest corporations are doing phenomenally well, the middle class is disappearing and millions of Americans are working longer hours for lower wages. Congress must start listening to the needs of ordinary Americans, not just the billionaire class and their lobbyists.


BCTV Channel 8 & 10 Schedules for the Week of 9/1/14

BCTV Ch. 8 schedule for the week of 9/1/14

                   Monday September 1       

12:00 am      Helping Seniors Understand Reverse Mortgages

1:00 am       Car Tour of Fort Ticonderoga Military Road History

2:00 am       FSTV Overnight

4:00 am       Craft in the Southern Half - A Look at the Arts in Southern VT Ep.2

4:40 am       Vermont Musicians on the Air - Ep.2: Diane Huling


Theodore Roosevelt's Visit To Brattleboro

If you were in Brattleboro on September 1st, 1902, there is a good chance that you might have worked your way downtown to the train station late in the afternoon in expectation of the arrival of a notable visitor.

Arrangements had been in the works for months for a visit to Brattleboro by President Theodore Roosevelt. The Young Men’s Republican club had sent an invitation and had been forming committees to schedule the visit, arrange a program of activities, decorate the parade route, and welcome him to town. As the President’s plans changed (his time available was increasingly short), so did Brattleboro’s. The reception banquet was cancelled and a more simple ceremony substituted.

The visit, Roosevelt's welcome, and his speech made headlines, and he spoke to those assembled on the topic of good government and Abraham Lincoln.


Brooks House - The One and Only

In additional to its historical Importance and preservation, one of the prime movers behind the redevelopment and renovation of the Brooks House is the economics of Brattleboro’s daily life. Historically, Brooks House was, and remains, the largest commercial structure in Brattleboro.

In the midst of The One and Only the Brooks House continues to be an important visual symbol of what makes Brattleboro so unique. Of all of Southern Vermont’s noteworthy landmarks none capture the quintessential past and renewed hopes for the future as this Main Street frontage in the center of downtown Brattleboro.


SeVWA's August 27th River Sampling

August 27th was the last full river sampling day of Southeastern Vermont Watershed Alliance’s (SeVWA’s) 2014 river monitoring program. There will be one more monitoring day for a small number of sites on September 10th. In 2014 SeVWA’s monitoring program included 26 river and stream sites. Those sites were along the West River, North Branch Brook, Rock River, Williams River, Middle Branch Williams River, Saxtons River and Whetstone Brook.

Most children in the southeastern Vermont region headed back to school this week and, with the start of school and Labor Day Weekend upon us, many consider summer over. However, summer is still officially here and the weather will remain quite “summery” through the coming week. Recreational use of our region’s rivers will continue into the fall.


Brattleboro Handyman?

I am located in Brattleboro and looking for someone who can do relatively simple handyman type work. Right now I need shades hung throughout my house-17 of them. Thanks!


Weekend Concert Series: Steve Earle

Let’s check in with Steve Earle, shall we?

Here he is with his guitar in 1991, live at McCabes. Where is McCabes? I do not know. Oceanside? Austin? I suppose it doesn’t matter much.

I’ve never seen Mr. Earle perform, but have heard a few of his albums, all of which seem smart, interesting, and worthy of multiple listens. He’s a good counterpart to Billy Bragg in many ways. They would make quite a pair for a double bill.


Entergy Settlement Funds Working Group Meeting Agenda

The Entergy Settlement Funds Working Group will meet on Wednesday, September 3, 2014 at 12:00 noon in the Planning Services Department at the Municipal Center.

Jan Anderson
Executive Secretary
Brattleboro Town Manager's Office
(802) 251-8100


Rally To Support Skateboarding 4 PM September 5th Pliny Park

Come to support a skate park and skateboarders in Brattleboro at the official skate rally Friday, September 5th. 4-6:30 in Pliny Park during gallery walk. Bring signs and make your voice be heard that there is a need for a skate park in Brattleboro, and the (at least) 8 years of consistent effort is too long to have to wait.

Towns far smaller than Brattleboro have skate parks. Why don't we?

Come show your support for youth, recreation in Brattleboro, and the skateboard community. Bring signs making your opinion known that we want a location to be able to skateboard - and soon!


Brattleboro Selectboard Agenda and Notes - September 2, 2014

What to do about Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and where to site the town's skatepark will be the main items up for discussion at the next regular Tuesday meeting of the Brattleboro Selectboard.

You may also be interested in the budget, grants, hazard plan, and other routine business to come before the board. You can attend in person, comment on agenda items, or bring up other issues not on the agenda during Public Participation. Watch on BCTV, and read all about it the day after right here.


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