"The time will come when winter will ask you what you were doing all summer." - Henry Clay

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Today In Local History


There was a great gathering at the Lawrence Establishment on Wednesday evening last, of towns-people and strangers, drawn together by the attractions of a “masquerade ball.” The spacious hall was not only crowded, but the street was also fuilled with admiring spectators, who were eager to catch glimpses of scenes within.


We believe that those who have charge of the coming Fair are making all necessary arrangements for the accomodation of those who may attend. The track is in good order, the buildings for the exhibition of manufactured articles, fruit, grain, ornamental works, &c., are put in readiness, stalls for animals and food for the same are in preparation, and the hotel keepers are providing for the board and lodging of large numbers of guests.


The voice of the katydid is heard in the land.


Larkin G. Mead, the sculptor, with his wife, reached Brattleboro from Bennington via Wilmington on Monday, and is now rusticating at Chesterfield lake.


A gang of thieves, who seem to have followed President Hayes’s party to this place from Bennington, did a brisk business during the rush and jam at the Brooks House incident to the reception. They were experts at the business and managed so shrewdly that they escaped arrest, and for the most part even suspicion, until it was too late.


Soon after arising in the morning the President was waited upon by a few citizens, who expressed their pleasure at seeing him in Brattleboro, and tendered him any hospitalities within their reach. In reply Mr. Hayes said that the arrangement of the day’s programme was in their hands, his only purpose for himself, during his stay, being to visit his relatives, and renew, as far as possible, in the brief time afforded, his acquaintance with scenes with which he was familiar in his boyhood.


The man-trap at the railroad crossing has been repaired. How long, O Lord! how long ere it will be removed altogether.


The selectmen have at length yielded to the demand for a new cross street from Western Avenue to Elliot street bridge, and last Saturday they laid it out in accordance with the recent petitions, making it continuous with Cedar street.


Surveyor Stockwell has just completed a concrete walk the whole length of Birge street, and is now laying one on the east side of Oak street, from High to Grove. One on the east side of Walnut street, from Main street to the Catholic church, is to follow.


Someone has been disfiguring Mr. Childs’s weather signal house on the mountain this summer. It may have been an act of thoughtlessness; if so the parties will take warning from this notice and not repeat it. If the defacement continues, Mr. Childs will seek an interview with the perpetrators through the proper officials.


The prohibitionists have unfurled across Main street just above Elliot a handsome flag bearing the names of their candidates.


The window which the children of the late Madam Sarah Goodhue have placed in the remodeled Centre church in her memory is of miffled English catherdral and selected opalescent glasses, and is remarkable for brilliant irridescent effects and the harmonious blending of color tones. It is an artistic production, highly creditable to the house of Phipps, Slocum & Co., of Boston, which furnished it.


Some of the good people on Cemetery Hill protest that their only objection to the playing of the boys on the school house grounds is the noise they make, which seriously disturbs people who are ill.


The agents of Colgate & Co. of New York have been in town this week distributing large quantities of the celebrated “Octagon” soap.


The testimonial concert given by the citizens of Brattleboro, on Friday evening last, to Miss Mary Howe, was in all respects a brilliant success. Indeed, so great was the demand for seats that it was found necessary to repeat the concert on the following evening to accomodate those who were unable to procure tickets for Friday.


The Battle of Gettysburg on canvass will be presented here in a few weeks.


The water in Lake Spofford is lower than ever known. A sand bar north of the island is dry 30 rods in length. A mutual agreement has been made between the lake dwellers and the mill owners, under which the latter will be allowed to use ten inches more of water from the lake.


Three to four million cucumbers have been received this season at the pickling establishment on Flat street, and is is probable that not over half the crop has been harvested. About 80 acres in Brattleboro and vicinity were planted to cucumbers. The farmers receive $1 per thousand.


A concrete walk is being put in on Elliot street from Church to School street.


The race meet of the Vermont Wheel club on Thursday next, August 30, will surpass any ever held in Vermont, or any that has been held in New England this year. The value of the prizes offered in the seven races exceeds $600. Over 200 entries have been received, representing 60 different riders, among them the fastest class A riders of New England.


George B. Crowell’s lawn was the scene of a gleeful baby party last Friday. 30 little people attended. The beautiful display of dahlias and the evergreen arch were the striking features. Children each received a toy.


A petition signed by business men requests a fire hydrant be placed on Green Street.

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Latest Stories

Act 46 Meeting Agenda and Minutes


Representing the Brattleboro Town School District, Dummerston Town School District,
Guilford Town School District, Putney Town School District and the Vernon Town School District


The Act 46 Study Committee will meet at 6:00 p.m. on Thursday, August 25, 2016 in the WRCC Cusick Conference Room.


I. CALL TO ORDER – 6:00 p.m. – Alice Laughlin, Committee Chair




Get Out Your Credit Card and Join Our Revolution

Our Revolution is being touted by progressives as the “future of our political movement” and features participation by our own revolutionary sweetheart, Bernie Sanders.  Bernie himself will be speaking at a kickoff forum tonight in Burlington, VT.  This seemed noteworthy, so I decided to stop into the OurRevolution.com web site to see what it was all about.  My first surprise was that it was a dot.com.  I had been expecting a dot.org.  But there you are, everything  is commercial these days, even “our revolution.” (Fine print reveals that “Our Revolution will operate as a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization.”)


Stroll the Grounds & Join Us for A Community Shabbat Dinner

On Friday August 26, come mark the shift from summer to fall with a stroll on the Brattleboro Area Jewish Community's land followed by a delicious Shabbat dinner with songs, blessings, and a story. Dinner will be supplied by Cantor Kate Judd, Chelsa Roy of Monkey Moon Challah & Catering, and others.

At 5 pm Kate will lead a reflective walk on the land with prayer and song. At 6 we’ll gather to light candles, share blessings, and sit down to eat together. Following the dinner we’ll enjoy our dessert accompanied by a story from Rebecca Golden. We’ll wrap up with Birkat HaMazon (blessing after the meal) and some z’mirot (Shabbat evening songs).


Improve Your Tweets - Actually Write Them

For those who ignore social media, you can ignore this.

For the rest of you, I have a word about laziness. Yes, I’m talking to you, person who has your Facebook feed set to automatically retweet things.

Here is the situation. Twitter allows for 140 characters. It is an art and science to craft messages that fit the space and make sense. Much can be communicated in a good tweet.


Selectboard Crosswalk Drama + NECCA Approval on GMMT

Get the latest headlines with BCTV's news show created in conjuction with WKVT, the Reformer, and the Commons entitled Green Mtn Mornings Tonight. See short clips as WKVT's Chris Lenois talks with the Reformer's Chris Mays about the week's news, and catch full episodes at brattleborotv.org/green-mtn-mornings-tonight as well as on BCTV Channel 8 weeknights at 6:00 PM.


Swimming with the Fishes

At the far end of our limbs we have the necessary appendages to propel our bodies through the water. We begin our lives floating in an oceanic body of fluids called the amniotic universe in a symbiotic unity with mother and child where we experience a “lack of boundaries and obstructions” akin to how we feel immersed in open waters.

The origin of our aquatic nature is suggested by Charles Darwin when he asked, “What can be more curious than that the hand of a man?” Our fingers typing on a keyboard began their journey over 350 million years ago when some tetrapod held its head high enough above the waterline to catch its prey. That’s when its evolutionary “modification of gene expression” realized there was another world.


BCTV Schedules For Week of 8/22/16

BCTV channel 8 schedule for the week of 8/22/16

Monday, August 22, 2016

12:00 am AgroForestry Forum in Brattleboro 7/16/15

2:15 am Dan and Jeff Play for Dancing

2:30 am Rosie's Mom - The Forgotten Workers of WW1

3:27 am WWAC: Dr. John Hagen - Violent Extremism in Niger 5/13/16

5:00 am GMMT: Friday (Full Show)


Town of Brattleboro Invites Public Comment on Comprehensive Review of Town Operations (CRTO)

The Town of Brattleboro is reminding all residents that the draft Comprehensive Review of Town Operations (CRTO) document is posted on the Town’s website and that everyone is welcome to provide input. The deadline for submitting comments and suggested changes is Friday, September 9. The revised draft will be considered at the Selectboard meeting on September 20 or October 4.

The draft CRTO contains an introductory letter from Town Manager Peter Elwell and 50 separate “action items” in categories ranging from “Already Accomplished” and “in Progress” to short term (0-2 years), medium term (2-5 years), and long term (more than 5 years) timeframes for implementation. The draft document was created by the Town’s management team after it completed a thorough review of all Town services and support functions. The 50 action items represent small and large scale changes that staff is proposing to improve the community and/or save taxpayers money


Narcissus on Olympus

As the story is presented to us…Not as it comes down, goes down, went down, but as it’s presented..that’s how we remember.  The details are left for each imagination no matter how many renderings, angles or replays. They will resonate within each viewer’s minds eye and take hold, get forgotten, drip slowly, or gush from adrenals as needed. Torch carried and passed, the flame of inspiration fed.

A hunter with unrivaled prowess, and beauty, which includes grace, stamina, inventiveness, perseverance, arrives at last on high at the image of himself. His broadcasted self. Reflected in a hundred million screens and more, he cannot look away. So entranced is he by his victory, by his own ascendance, it’s a transfixing moment, a defiance of time. And the hunter, as hero, he can’t look away. Nor can we without effort.


Strolling of the Heifers Presents an Evening of Cosmic Comedy with Swami Beyondananda - "the Mark Twain of our times"

Swami Beyondananda, the comedian also known as Steve Bhaerman, has been called “the Mark Twain of our times” by best-selling author Marianne Williamson — because he is not only hilariously funny but also offers sharp social commentary along with a spiritual perspective.

In his first-ever Brattleboro appearance, the Swami will present his cosmic wisdom at the Robert H. Gibson River Garden on Friday, Sept. 9. The show is a fund raiser for Strolling of the Heifers.

For nearly 30 years, the Swami has been a fount of comedy disguised as wisdom — or is it wisdom disguised as comedy? In any case, this heart-opening, mind-expanding show will help you wake up laughing and leave laughter in your wake.


Doggie Doo's and Don'ts

Municipalities pass ordinances that require dog owners to pick up their doggie doos with a plastic bag and then throw it into the trash.  Now who the heck thought of this?  It’s actually much worse for the environment than leaving the poop where it is because microbes break down the poop and it’s good for the soil.  That is where poop is supposed to go. That’s the way nature intended. 

Enclosing that natural fertilizer in plastic and disposing it in the trash will prevent it from breaking down and puts more plastic into the waste stream. Dumb, dumb, dumb.  If anything, dog walkers need to have access to a garden trowel and simply scoop up some soil to cover the doo.  Or simply use a piece of a branch or stone that has the right shape for the job.  There is no need to go against nature.  It is easier if we go in harmony with it.  Stupidity is hammering the environment and we all bear the consequences because of someone’s ignorance in office. “Selectmen” - please think before making stupid ordinances. 


Weekend Creativity Series - Better Sandcastles

Everyone can make sandcastles, and with a bit of practice and a few simple tools those sandcastles can be quite nice.

One of the best tools to have on hand is a straight edge. They are great for carving, packing, and shaping mounds of sand into walls, stairs, windows and doors.

In this first video, Jenny the Sand Castle Girl, an Australian sand castle making champion, shares some of her tips and tricks for making an enormous beach castle.


SeVWA's 2016 E. coli Monitoring of Local River Sites Continued August 17th

The Southeastern Vermont Watershed Alliance (SeVWA) had the penultimate day of our monitoring program for the summer of 2016 on Wednesday, August 17th. Volunteers collected samples from 30 sites on eight rivers and streams and will conclude monitoring on August 31st. This year, we have sites on the West River, Rock River, North Branch Ball Mountain Brook, Williams River (including South Branch and Middle Branch), Saxtons River, Sacketts Brook, and Whetstone Brook.

The drought continues in our area with our entire sampling area remaining under moderate drought conditions and parts of eastern New Hampshire and Massachusetts being upgraded to extreme drought conditions. It’s hard to imagine the contrast in weather to our south in Louisiana where historic floods are devastating the southeastern part of the state. They received over two feet of rain with the most recent storm; it is the second rain event this year that received over 20 inches of rain. Many rivers have shattered previous flood stage records by 4-6 feet. If you are interested in donating to help flood victims in Louisiana, you can visit the United Way of Southeast Louisiana (http://www.unitedwaysela.org/flood). Unfortunately, as our climate continues to change, we can expect more extreme weather events throughout the world like the drought in New England and the flooding on the Gulf Coast.


Brattleboro Citizen Police Communications Committee Meeting Agenda

The Brattleboro Citizen Police Communications Committee (CPCC) will meet on Monday, August 22, 2016 at 5:30pm at the Brooks Memorial Library in the Community Room.

Jan Anderson
Executive Secretary
Brattleboro Town Manager's Office
(802) 251-8100


Savings Bank of Walpole Breaks Ground on Fifth Branch

Local builder and tradespeople chosen to build new location

Keene, NH, – Savings Bank of Walpole continues to branch out into the community and recently celebrated its future new Court Street, Keene location with a groundbreaking ceremony. The ceremony was held on Friday, August 5th at the site of the new branch located at 817 Court Street, (across from Dunkin Donuts). Attendees included several SBW executives and members of the bank’s Board of Trustees, along with the president and architect from local design/build firm Bensonwood, who are handling the design and construction of the building.


Twilight on the Tavern Lawn Presents Planet Zydeco on Sunday, August 21

Twilight Music concludes its 14th annual Twilight On The Tavern Lawn series of folk, world beat, rock, jazz, zydeco, Celtic, swing, blues and bluegrass summer concerts on Sunday, August 21 with an evening of high energy accordion/guitar driven dance music of Louisiana by Planet Zydeco.

The seventh and final concert of the 2016 series begins at 6:00 pm in downtown Putney on the Putney Tavern lawn (bring a lawn chair or blanket) or at Next Stage at 15 Kimball Hill in case of rain. The series is sponsored by the Town of Putney, Soundview Paper Company, The Putney Food Co-op, Green Mountain Well, The Stockwell Brothers and many other Putney businesses and organizations. The concerts are free to the public (donations are accepted) and food will be available. For more information, call 802-387-5772 or visit www.twilightmusic.org.


New Providers Join Cardiology and Family Medicine at BMH

Brattleboro Memorial Hospital Medical Group Director, Dr. Tony Blofson announced three recent additions to the hospital’s staff.

Stephen M. Fleet, MD is joining BMH’s Center for Cardiovascular Health. Dr. Fleet received his BA from Columbia College of Columbia University and his M.D from Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine. He served his internship and residency at Cleveland Metropolitan General Hospital, as well as a fellowship in Cardiology at Lahey Clinic in Burlington, MA. Dr. Fleet is board-certified in Internal Medicine, Geriatric Medicine, Cardiovascular Medicine, Nuclear Cardiology, and Cardiovascular Computed Tomography. Most recently a member of Senior Staff at Lahey Clinic in Burlington and Peabody, MA, Dr. Fleet has also served on the medical staff at Beverly Hospital in Beverly, MA and Union Hospital in Lynn, MA.


Artist Reception for Cai Xi and Her 'Edge' Selections 1991-94

You are cordially invited to an artist reception, Friday, August 19, 5-7pm at C.X. Silver Gallery for Selections from ‘Edge.’ Cai’s ‘Edge’ paintings 1991-1994 are on view at C.X. Silver Gallery, Brattleboro, VT, through September 18, open daily by appointment, closed August 20-22 and 27-30. Inquiries: Contact Adam Silver, Operations Manager / Co-Director, (802) 257-7898.

Cai is featured in two exhibitions during August, her 1980s portraits in caixiart.com/edge.

“I returned to my gymnastics and calligraphy experiences as a child, finding myself jumping, stretching, and reaching as I painted. Chinese traditional breathing exercise (Qigong) continued to help me channel energy when I painted. Throughout the nineties, materials, surface and texture were self-renewing areas of exploration. I derived a lot of inspiration from living in New York City. On the street and subway, on the ground in the cement sidewalk, a peeling wall, everywhere I went, I kept discovering: ‘Oh, look. There’s a painting!’ The experience of ‘Edge’ is about stepping into and out of myself. My art-making is characterized by this existential process. For me, Art is about Paradox: appearance-disappearance, life-death, nothingness-wholeness, chaos-groundedness, emptiness-substance, movement-fixity.”


Brattleboro Senior Meals Weekly Menu August 22 to August 26

Brattleboro Senior Meals Menu August 22 to August 26

August 22- Salisbury Steak

Potato Wedges




Act 46 Update From Brattleboro Representatives


The Brattleboro representatives from the Act 46 Study Committee will host a community forum on Wednesday, August 24th from 6-7.30 PM at Oak Grove School. This will be the final presentation of the proposed articles of agreement to the community, before the Study Committee officially votes on whether or not to send them to the Vermont Board of Education for approval.



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