Brattleboro Flooding

At 12:49p we received a report that there was a large ice jam on the Whetstone Brook near Village Drive and that water was coming into the trailer park. It was determined that an ice jam, approximately 200 yards in length, was diverting the water out of the brook. Eleven homes along Village & Edgewood Drives were evacuated. There were concerns that if the ice jam dislodged it would cause a dangerous, sudden increase in the water levels downstream and for this reason we did a precautionary evacuation of Glen St and Melrose Terrace.

At approximately 2:30 pm a second ice jam formed just up stream from the 1st, this one behind Brookwood Drive. Approximately eight homes were evacuated as water flooded this area.

A shelter was opened at the Gibson Aiken Center which was staffed by Town staff and the American Red Cross. They received 15 evacuees from Melrose Terrace and Glen St while others went to family and friends. Several pets were also removed from the flooded areas and went with their owners. There was approximately 50 people evacuated from the different flood areas. The flood water also effected businesses on the other side of the brook. Parking lots were flooded and the Redemption Center on Marlboro Road closed for the day due to the situation. There were no reports of damage.

There were no injuries, Melrose Terrace and Glen St were allowed to reoccupy at 7:30pm and all the evacuations on Village, Edgewood and Brookwood Drives as still in effect due to continued high water and the area is being monitored. During the flooding in Brattleboro the fire department also responded to Dummerston on a mutual aid request for a house fire and sent swift water rescue personnel to Vernon to assist with the removal of residents trapped by ice and flood waters around 4 houses.

At day light on Friday morning Fire & Department of Public Works employees will assess the ice jam and determine a plan of action. BFD was assisted by Brattleboro Police, Department of Public Works, Rescue Inc & Tri Park Maintenance.

Contact: Michael Bucossi

Fire Chief

Town of Brattleboro

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