Plans for Refurbished Ski Jump at Living Memorial Park

Brian Bannon sent along the following PDF drawing of the proposed plans for the ski jump at Living Memorial Park. It features a new wooden inrun trestle (the jump) and an altered hill profile (landing).

Much of the work is to prepare the hill, including installing silt fences to help with erosion, clearing the hillside, stripping the topsoil, re-grading, and re-seeding.  The structure ends near the ballfield, and the bleachers will be moved.

Ski Jump Repairs at Living Memorial Park

An interesting item in the DRB agenda – fixing up an old ski jump at Living Memorial Park:

“2018-153 Todd Einig for Harris Hill, Inc. for Town of Brattleboro Recreation and Parks Department; Waterfront District; request for Site Plan, steep slope, and Local Act 250 approval to repair an existing 17 meter ski jump at Memorial Park which has been out of use for 20+ years

Selectboard Meeting Notes – Brattleboro Write-In Procedures Questioned; Body Cams Coming

The Brattleboro Selectboard began discussing a repeal of a 2011 Town Charter change to stop counting local write-in votes unless the write-in candidate had declared an intention to serve. 

The board heard a semi-annual update from the Downtown Brattleboro Alliance, approved of paving, police cars, body cameras for police officiers, and disc golf improvements. Snow sports at Living Memorial Park will continue, we have a new road in town, and new members were appointed to committees.

Volunteer Needed for Summer Food Program

Want to contribute to the health and wellbeing of children this summer?  Windham Southeast Supervisory Union is looking for a volunteer to serve healthy meals to children at the Living Memorial Park Pool.   Volunteering to serve this free meal will ensure that children have access to nutritious food despite the fact that school is not in session.  This is an ideal position for a parent already bringing children to the pool daily or a community member committed to supporting children thrive.  

Selectboard Meeting Notes – Diversity Discussion and Emergency Repairs

The Brattleboro Selectboard held an extensive discussion of diversity, both in Town hiring practices and the community at large. It was a start and step toward something probably positive, though the goals and steps to get there remain to be more fully developed.

Emergency repairs at the pool and the Harris parking lot were the other big items on the agenda, but the long diversity discussion made for quick summaries of these and other smaller matters due to a late hour.