Vermont Public Disconnect Is Quite Obvious

In case it is of interest, this is a letter to the editor (LTE) of mine submitted to vtdigger this morning in response to a recently published LTE regarding the name of “Vermont Public” written by Paul Stone (, fyi:

Vermont Public Disconnect Is Quite Obvious:

Since the merger between Vermont PBS and VPR and the subsequent name change, because it most definitely describes and means nothing whatsoever, I have been referring to the organization as “Vermont Public Whatever.”

Today in Late October 2019

A poem inspired by today’s world headlines.

spinning toward election
lawmakers reject proposal
fighters have left
forces captured
crisis turns violent
protesters pack square

No News is Good News? — On Going News-Free

After the latest round of shootings earlier this month, I had a moment of nausea that led me to think it might be a good time for a news hiatus. The weather was gorgeous — high summer in Vermont — and an array of family were due to visit. So rather than read depressing headlines all summer, I decided to take a couple weeks off from the news. Maybe, I thought, it will make me happier and less anxious if I just don’t hear any of it.

Have You News Today Of Your…

I was digging through some old family things and came across a green piece of paper that my grandfather had printed to encourage fellow students to submit news to the college newspaper. It says: