Trump’s Betrayal of YPG – Paris Commune Falls Again?

As an American, as a Vermonter, and as a Labor leader I have marched many times against US lead wars.  However, I do not oppose wars and US military action because I assert war as always unjust and always unnecessary.  I am not philosophically a Kantian; this is not a moral imperative for me.  I am also no liberal.  If truth be told it was only through war and armed conflict that Vermont and the United States became republics free from the British Empire.

Ambassador Galbraith To Present Talk To Windham World Affairs Council on Nov 30

On Friday, Nov. 30 at 7:30 pm, for the fifth year in a row, Ambassador Peter W. Galbraith will address WWAC on developments in the Middle East. He will give a talk at Centre Congregational Church entitled “The US versus Iran: Will a proxy fight in Syria, Iraq and Yemen lead to War? “

Our community has come to rely on Galbraith’s knowledge and insider’s expertise on this region. He is currently working on a mediation project related to Syria and has made 12 trips into the country in the last three years.

Against the War

Protest U.S. Bombing of Syria

Protest in Greenfield, MA
Saturday, April 14 at noon
at Town Commons
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