Antje Duvekot and Seth Glier at Next Stage on Friday, January 10

Next Stage Arts Project and Twilight Music present a twin bill of award-winning contemporary folk singer/songwriters Antje Duvekot and Seth Glier at Next Stage on Friday, January 10 at 7:30 pm.

Antje Duvekot is a German-born, American-raised singer/songwriter whose songs have been critically praised for their hard-won wisdom, dark-eyed realism and street-smart romanticism. Her bicultural upbringing and relative newness to English have helped shape her unique way with a song, giving her a startlingly original poetic palette. They are the keys to the powerful, even revolutionary, empathy that informs everything she writes. She has won some of the top songwriting awards including the Grand Prize in the John Lennon Songwriting Competition, the Kerrville Folk Festival Best New Folk Award and the Boston Music Award for Outstanding Folk Act.

Music This Weekend!

BMC Chamber Music Series


FRIDAY, January 10, 7:30 pm

Centre Congregational Church, 193 Main Street, Brattleboro, VT  05301

Brahms, Chopin, Beethoven 

American pianist Jonathan Biss is widely regarded for his artistry, musical intelligence and deeply felt interpretations, winning international recognition for his orchestral, recital, and chamber music performances and for his award-winning recordings. Biss, whom The New Yorker describes as playing with “unerring sophistication”, made his New York Philharmonic debut in 2001, and since then has appeared with the foremost orchestras of North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. He is a frequent performer at leading international music festivals and gives recitals in major music capitals both at home and abroad. Sponsored by Vermont Public Radio. Tickets:  $30, $20, $10   

BCTV Channel 8 & 10 Schedules for the Week of 1/6/14

BCTV CH.8 Schedule for the week of 1-6-14

                   Monday January 6                

12:00 am      Hilltop Montessori Middle School Environmental Roundtable Discussion

2:00 am       FSTV Overnight

4:00 am       Heat Pump Workshop- Nov 18, 2013 in Brattleboro

5:40 am       On The Drive – Timber in the CT River Valley

7:00 am       The Folklorist: Ep.2: The Cuban Missle Crisis

7:30 am       First Baptist Church- Mary & Martha, Luke 10:38-42

Looking For Copies Of The “Brattleboro Independent,” From The 1870’s

I am looking for copies of the short lived newspaper, The Brattleboro Independent, which was published by T. P. James in the 1870’s.

The only reason we know that this paper even existed is that a newspaper article in the St Johnsbury Caledonian in the year 1878 makes mention of it. .

This Brattleboro Independent does not occur on any list of old newspapers in Vermont. Copies of it are either rare or non existent, as are copies of the Summerland Messenger, another publication that T. P. James created in Brattleboro.

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn: A Reading and Discussion Series

Join Vermont Humanities scholar Richard Wizansky for this reading and discussion series which features the shorter works by the great Russian writer, dissident, and former Cavendish, Vermont resident and includes his most read and highly regarded novella as well as several of his famous speeches.

World Book Night Deadline To Apply To Be A Giver Is January 5, 2014

The Friends of Brooks Memorial Library are once again participating in World Book Night – an international event that gives volunteers thousands of free books to distribute in their communities. 

This year’s book titles are diverse and wonderful; authors like Agatha Christie; Joseph Heller and Maria Semple ; books ranging widely from the incredibly popular “The Dog Stars” to “The Tipping Point” to the beautifully written “Bridge to Terabithia”. It’s easy to get involved. Simply go to and look over the book titles; choose the 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice of books that you would like to give away. Read the guidelines and apply to be a giver and submit. It’s that easy!

Weekend Concert Series: Janelle Monae

I know very little about Janelle Monae other than every time I’ve seen her perform, it has been energetic and exciting. She reminds me a bit of James Brown, Prince, and Michael Jackson, but has her own style. It’s rap, R&B, island, soul, and pop all rolled into one. Spastic is another word some might use.

This show is from the Made in America Festival 2012, kicks off with a bit of a latin groove and moves through dancey hits and cover songs, and everyone seems to be having fun.

150 Years Ago (1863 12/28)

Dec. 28th.  I shall commence where I have left off, though before this you have probably seen Zopher.  he will tell you all about me and our company.  Amory Parker has been down here and left this morning.  I should have sent a pair of pants and blouse by Zopher, but they were not to be found when he was here.  I have just been to the barracks and hunted them up.  I am there but little by daylight and things get changed round there some.  The Pants have been worn since I took them off but they are mine for I found some nails and strings in the pockets, of course they were mine.

The Acceptance

Here’s a project just completed in time for the new year. It’s an abstract, torn-paper animation done to accompany a song, The Acceptance, by composer and musician Denis Malloy.

It’s a short journey from dark to light, mixing torn edges and clean cut lines.

GMP Surcharge.

I know that climate change is a myth, but somebody better tell Green Mountain Power. They have just announced that customers will be assessed a 1 ½% surcharge due to increased frequency of major storms.

Back To School: Questions on Public Education In Brattleboro

When I said last year that I was going to try to figure out what was going on in public education, I had no idea what a gigantic project that would turn out to be. Not only is it complex, it’s also political, making it that much harder to unravel the claims of groups both for and against. In short, despite hours of research, I still have questions. But our own Brattleboro Town School Board says it wants to do outreach on education, and I think we should take the opportunity to reach out to them so we’ll get our questions answered and our concerns allayed (or not). To get the ball rolling, I have a list of questions I’d like to see addressed by local education officials. Even if no public discussion ensues, at least we’ll know what’s going on.

Weekend Concert Series: Concert for George

One year after George Harrison died, a group of his musician friends gathered at Royal Albert Hall for a memorial concert.

This show begins with the Ravi Shankar orchestra and a few meditative pieces, followed by some Monty Python. The second half is a collage of Harrison tunes performed by his friends. Taxman by Tom Petty. If I Needed Someone by Eric Clapton. Photograph by Ringo. All Things Must Pass by Paul. It is that kind of show.

Youth Essay Contest – Youth Suffrage

I can’t say how few submissions we have, but a local teenager submitting an essay now has a VERY good chance of winning !

“BRATTLEBORO REFORMER” Day Managing Editor Bob Audette will judge


$500 FIRST PRIZE, two $100 second prizes. HOW: write essay on the subject: “YOUTH SUFFRAGE: SHOULD THE VOTING AGE BE LOWERED”

150 Years Ago (1863 12/25)

U.S. Barracks, Brattleboro, Dec. 25, 1863.

Dear wife –

It is Christmas and here I am well and hearty.  I have a little leisure and will improve it.  Zopher has just called.  He and Mary Ann, they have gone over to the hospital.  There were a lot of Vermont boys came in to the hospital last night, I understand some from Columbia College Hospital.  If there is any news from Jacob I will know before I close this.  Zopher came in with the Charleston boys, staid with me night before last, and is going to stop with me tonight, going home tomorrow.  Captain Brannon bought a lot of fine turkeys last night and the wherewith to stuff them, lots of pies and cheese, and he is going to let us have a Christmas.  The turkeys are now baking at the bakery.

BCTV Channel 8 & 10 Schedules for the Week of 12/23/13

BCTV Ch.8 Schedule for the week of 12-23-13

                    Monday December 23

12:00 am      The Inner Life of Animals – Virginia Morell

1:30 am       Spotlight on Issues: The Impact of National Policy on VT Farmers

2:00 am       FSTV Overnight

4:00 am       Dartmouth Wind Symphony Children at Play

5:05 am       Heat Pump Workshop- Nov 18, 2013 in Brattleboro

6:40 am       On The Drive – Timber in the CT River Valley

150 Years Ago (1863 12/18-21)

U.S. Barracks, Brattleboro, Dec. 18th,

Dearest Abiah,

I improve the leisure I now have in writing to you a few lines. The recruits are coming in fast. Yesterday 161 arrived. 260 have just marched from the ground for the cars. The paymaster worked all night getting the rolls signed. Just imagine 260 slow penmen signing their name 12 times each, that is equal to one man signing 3120 times. Any ordinary penman could write the names in one fourth the time. I was in the Captain’s office writing at the time they commenced, so escaped and got to bed at 9.

Charles Brooks slept with me last night. He, William Barrett, Sam Townsend and Elbridge Varnum are in barracks close to ours. I have only seen the names of Calkins Burroughs, Parker and Elias. I put them down. Perhaps, Zopher thought they would go into the 10th Regt. But a sharp shooter got hold of them and they are booked for the 3 S. S. I am now waiting for the bank rolls to commence filling them for the next detachment. They mean to get them off Monday. Charles Brooks and the boys that came with him were just one day too late to get their names on for this detachment. Wesley Allen is here yet. The detachment for the gulf will not get off for some time. Wesley has been quite sick, but is now better. He is going home on a furlough. He has got one for eight days, if I can get it signed for him. Am waiting for the captain to come back. Six is all they give. If I succeed for him I think I shall stand a good chance when I want one. If he comes he will probably get home tomorrow night. I do not have as good a chance to see people that I know as I did when I was in Mead’s office, but it is much more pleasant where I am now.

5:45 Live: 12/20/13

Get in the spirit of the season with a full-to-the-brim edition of 5:45 Live stuffed with holiday cheer, along with the latest headlines and reports–like this week’s big Brattleboro Town School Board decision, DRB approval for a new marijuana dispensary in town, and much much more.

Weekend Concert Series: Muppets

Esoteric out jazz? Strange funk from specific neighborhoods in Washington, DC? An overplayed pop star?

Not this week. This week we have Muppets.

This is a 1987 TV special called Muppet Family Christmas, featuring holiday songs, talented frogs, fashionable pigs, and bad jokes by bears. In fact, it features characters from the Muppets, Sesame Street, Fraggle Rock, and Muppet Babies all performing together.