"Too few people understand a really good sandwich."  - James Beard

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Welcome to iBrattleboro!

Welcome to iBrattleboro!
It's a local news source by and for the people of Brattleboro, Vermont, published continually. You can get involved in this experiment in citizen journalism by submitting meeting results, news, events, stories, reviews, how-to's, recipes, places to go, things to do, or anything else important to Brattleboro. Or, just drop by to see what others have contributed.

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For stories about entertainment

Weekend Comedy Series: Brian Regan

I know little about this Brian Regan fellow. This was recommended to me by someone just yesterday as stand-up comedy in the “good, clean” genre, without reliance on swearing to make people laugh. Count me in!

Regan does this by talking about food labels, flying first class, and refrigerators, among other things.


Weekend Comedy Series: Sandra Bernhard

Here is Sandra Bernhard performing at the Lhasa Club, in Studio City/Hollywood, CA, in 1984. I did not know that this existed until today.

In 1984, Bernhard was mixing performance art with stand-up, and was attracting attention. The film appears to be one of her one-woman shows, post- King of Comedy but prior to working on her stage production and film “Without You, I’m Nothing.” This has bits from “Without You...” in early forms.


Free Afternoon Films at Brooks Library

June 11th at 3 pm, join cinefile, journalist, Tom Bedell, for a Thursday afternoon at the movies, to watch a film starring Kirk Douglas, Ralph Meeker and Adolphe Menjou. 

The second Thursday of the month, continuing through Thursday, October 8. Movies begin at 3 PM. For film titles and information, contact Brooks Library by phone at 802-254-5290 ext 0, by email at info@brookslibraryvt.org, or on the web at brookslibraryvt.orgBrooks Memorial Library, 224 Main Street, Brattleboro, VT 05301.

The event is free and open to the public. Location Library Meeting Room 2nd floor.


Mini Antiques Roadshow Live in West Brattleboro

Brattleboro Area Jewish Community’s own
mini-version of "The Antiques Roadshow" will appear live on Sunday
afternoon, June 28th from 1:00 to 4:00 at their synagogue located at 151
Greenleaf Street in West Brattleboro. 

BAJC is hosting an appraisal day with
four experienced appraisers present to evaluate and assess antiques,
collectibles and memorabilia, including books, documents, sterling silver,
glass and art glass, china and pottery, fine art and signed prints, musical
instruments, records and entertainment memorabilia, jewelry, paper documents
and ephemera, small furniture, tchotchkes, and much more – but please,  no firearms, knives, ammunition, or other
weaponry are allowed, and no large and bulky furniture. 


Weekend Comedy Series: Richard Pryor

Richard Pryor, live in concert from 1979 at the Terrace Theater in Long Beach, California.

Remember Richard Pryor? He grew up in a brothel, was expelled from school, worked the comedy clubs, and ended up one of the most successful comedy writers and stars of the 70’s and 80’s. Go figure.


Weekend Comedy Series: Monty Python

There are so many good Monty Python clips, bits, movies and discussions that it was hard to decide what to feature here this week. Given the confusion, I decided to take us back to the beginning, the very first episode of their TV show for the BBC.

So, imagine it is October of 1969, and you’ve tuned into the BBC for a bit of news, or perhaps a look at gardening in Wales. All is peaceful and orderly, until this program begins.


Wake the Town and Tell the People! - A Benefit Concert for WVEW

Brattleboro Community Radio is hosting a concert on June 6 starting at 5pm at the Stone Church, 3 Grove St/210 Main St, to benefit the station. Local Vermont based reggae band, Heirloom Seeds will headline the show other acts include: WVEW DJ Selector D, The River Bandits (funk, soul, fusion, etc.), Tara Dente (folk, singer song-writer), The Ditrani Brothers (old tyme Americana) and Sara Wallis.(folk-singer songwriter)

Heirloom Seeds is a band that lives for tradition and culture from the organic heirloom food that they grow to the Roots Reggae music they've learned straight from the elders in Brooklyn, Jamaica, and West Afrika. The Spirit that is 'Reggae' or 'Regal' music is an education of agricultural and nutritional self-sustainability, rural independence, multicultural unity, art, and mysticism.


Movie Monday at Brattleboro Senior Center

Free MONDAY MORNING MOVIES at Brattleboro Senior Center. Gibson Aiken Center

Movies staring:

Dorothy McGuire, Joan Blondell,  Anne Bancroft, Dustin Hoffman, Katharine Ross, Abigail Breslin, Steve Carell, Mara Wilson, Danny DeVito, Rhea Perlman, Cuba Gooding Jr. & Kimberly Elise

Please stay after the movie and have lunch at Brattleboro Senior Meals. All are welcome.


Big Woods Voices at Sandglass Theater, June 13 at 7:30 p.m.

Big Woods Voices is the union of four veteran area singers celebrating their common passion for a cappella harmony.

The Voices are, from soprano to bass: Liz Rogers, an internationally-touring singer-songwriter who started out with the Metropolitan Opera's child chorus; Becky Graber, leader of the Brattleboro Women's Chorus, music director at The Putney School and New England Youth Theater, and lifelong teacher; Will Danforth, an award-winning, multi-instrumental solo acoustic artist; and Alan Blood, longtime member of countless area groups such as the Blanche Moyse Chorale, the Brattleboro Concert Choir, and House Blend.


Weekend Comedy Series: Andy Kaufman

Andy Kaufman is one of those comedy legends that people either love or hate. I love him. Lise hates him.

Here is is, at Carnegie Hall, in 1979, messing with audiences and making them laugh, and wince, and be uncomfortable. Kaufman didn’t consider himself a comedian so much as a prankster and performance artist.

This show has it all. Tony Clifton, little kids, his grandmother on stage, wrestling women, and taking the entire audience out for milk and cookies after the show.


Weekend Comedy Series: Lewis Black

Lewis Black is a comedian who is very good at being angry. Vein-popping angry, about people, media, and politics. You can consider him a loud-mouthed social critic.

This is “Red, White and Screwed,” a performance at the Warner Theater in Washington, D.C. that was filmed at an HBO special in 2006. He’s in rare form, talking about Bush and Cheney’s 6th year in office. Ahh, the good old days.


Monday Morning Movies at Brattleboro Senior Center


The Brattleboro Senior Center

 207 Main St.

June Showings

 Coming Of Age

Movies starring:


Original Enigma No 3.

Original Enigma No 3., from the May 12, 1837 Phoenix newspaper. (Spoiler alert: the comments will, I expect, have the solution at some point, so avoid them until you've solved the enigma, or give up and want to peek.)


"I am a word of eleven letters, and am a subject of much conversation.

My 11, 10, 8, and 7 is an appendage belonging to a flower.

My 5, 4 and 3, is an instrument used to stop the mouth.


Free Films at Brooks Library: Movies You Must See… But Might Have Missed!

Join cinefile, journalist, Tom Bedell, for a Thursday afternoon at the movies, to watch and discuss nine films that "you must see..but may have missed".

On May 14th, 3 - 6 pm, come see a film starring Michael Caine, John Mills and Peter Sellers. The second Thursday of the month, continuing through Thursday, October 8.


Kitchen Tunks & Parlor Songs with Mark Greenberg

Please join Friends of Brooks Memorial Library for this special program, Kitchen Tunks & Parlor songs with Mark Greenberg, at 7 PM on Thursday, May 14. 

Since the 1980s, Greenberg has been interviewing and recording musicians throughout Vermont, tracing the development of the state’s vernacular music from its roots in Anglo-Celtic traditions through the influences of French-Canadian emigrants and the arrival of radio and other electronic technologies. 

Greenberg currently teaches courses in American music at UVM and taught American Studies and Humanities at Goddard College from 1991-2003.


Weekend Comedy Series: Demetri Martin

“If I...” is the name of the comedy special by Demetri Martin that combines observations, philosophy, and comedy, in form of presentation with slides.

You may not know, this young man was accepted into Harvard Law, but didn’t go. Instead, he went down the path of a legal education at NYU, but became a comedian instead. Probably a wise choice.


Winston Prouty Center Hosts Indoor Mini-Golf Classic Grownups and Families on May 16

Winston Prouty Center for Child Development is hosting its Inaugural Indoor Mini-Golf Classic for grownups and families on Saturday, May 16, 2015 and Sunday, May 17, 2015, respectively. The two-day "FUN-raiser" is open to the public.

Saturday's tournament for grownups is a black-tie optional evening that will feature light dinner fare, music, and a cash bar. The tournament will be from 6 to 9 p.m. and tickets are $25 per person.

Sunday's family fun day will take place from 1:30 – 4:30 p.m. The cost is $5 per person, or only $12 for a foursome if you bring your Saturday night scorecard.
Both events will take place at the International Center at World Learning’s SIT campus in Brattleboro.


Weekend Comedy Series: Chris Rock

Let’s go to D.C. this weekend and see a 1996 show featuring Chris Rock.

The jokes are a bit dated in places — Marion Barry crack jokes, for example. But his insights on race, addiction, violence, education and other issues in America are what the crowds love him for, and much of the routine stands true today. He won two Emmy awards for this show.


Weekend Comedy Series: Sarah Silverman

This week we find ourselves studying the comedy stylings of our New Hampshire neighbor, Sarah Silverman.

In 2005 she released a film of her one-woman show, Jesus is Magic. In it, Sarah boasts to her friends that she, like them, has something cool going on in her life. A big show. It’s a lie, so she has to go put on a major production just to hide the fib, And then her stand-up begins.


Alan Phillips Vaccine Lawyer on WVEW

Its time for another experience that you won't soon forget..this time its..Attorney Alan Phillips of Asheville, NC is a nationally recognized legal expert on vaccine exemption and waiver law. He advises clients and attorneys throughout the country concerning vaccines required for birth; daycare and school enrollment; employment; military members, families and civilian contractors; immigrants, including foreign adopted children; children of separated and divorced parents in "vaccine custody disputes"; and various other contexts.


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