Local Links

Asian Cultural Center of Vermont
814 Western Ave.

Promoting greater understanding across different cultures...through art, language, workshops, and more. On Western Ave.

Brattleboro Historical Society
Brattleboro Historical Society
230 Main Street #301
Brattleboro, VT
Brattleboro Historical Society was founded in 1982 as a non-profit organization by a group of local historians and civic leaders interested in Brattleboro’s past.

Brattleboro Historical Society was founded in 1982 as a non-profit organization by a group of local historians and civic leaders interested in Brattleboro’s past. The Society’s mission is to collect and preserve historical artifacts, documents, photographs, and data of persons, places, and events significant to Brattleboro from its earliest days to the present, and to disseminate Brattleboro’s history through research, exhibits, and interpretation of the collection for the education and enjoyment of the community. Join us!

Brattleboro Time Trade
15 Grove Street, Brattleboro, VT
Our members do services for each other instead of paying money

Time banking is similar to barter, but you can draw on all our members around Windham County. You can advertise your offers and requests on our member website. It's a great way to share your talents and get to know people in the community. Join us at http://www.brattleborotimetrade.org

Our public website
(802) 246-1199
Brooks Memorial Library
224 Main Street, Brattleboro VT
We are Southern Vermont's largest library, with public access computers, wi-fi, online resources and charging stations available to the public, in addition to books, magazines, newspapers, audio books, and DVDS.

Our 17,600 sq. ft library building was built in 1967, and serves a large, vibrant community of library lovers. Our recent renovations have allowed for more meeting spaces as we continue to evolve to meet the many needs of the people whom we serve. Non-Brattleboro residents may purchase a library card , and members of the public may always use our many services in-house. Please stop by, and you may also check out our website for more information!

(802) 254-5290
The Building Energy Team
1570 South Brownell Road
Offering energy audits, insulation, weatherization, heat pump and solar system services in Vermont.

Northeast Construction, Inc. has been building and remodeling in Vermont since 1981. Our track record demonstrates an unsurpassed commitment to energy efficiency and quality building practices. As a result, Efficiency Vermont has granted Northeast Construction “Energy Partner” status and honored one of our projects as “One of two tightest houses ever tested in Vermont”.

We offer a complete range of building and weatherization services including various forms of insulation, roofing, siding, doors, windows, and a holistic array of solutions including solar panels and heating system alternatives.

As Building Energy we are recognized as a “Building Analyst Professional” and “Envelope Professional” by the Building Performance Institute. This is a national training and certification agency dedicated to the advancement of sound building practices and promotion of energy conservation technologies.

In short, we generate a lot of energy to save energy in buildings. We would welcome the opportunity to perform a home audit with blower door and infrared thermography to evaluate your homes heating efficiency and offer suggestions and solutions to any issues your home may have. We are, by the way, fully trained and certified by the Snell Infrared Group in the use and application of infrared technology in the analysis of building insulation and thermal envelope construction.

Most of our insulation and energy improvement projects qualify for state incentives offered through current Efficiency Vermont programs.

Our mission: We are committed to reducing the carbon footprint of buildings and converting to clean renewable energy.

Our goal is to provide comprehensive solutions to complex energy problems by providing a wide range of building products and services.

(802) 859-3384
Deer Ridge Farm
4057 Hinesburg Road
Guilford, VT
Deer Ridge Farm is owned and operated by Jerry Smith and Susan Peters. We produce cut flowers, wood-fired maple syrup, raw honey, and berries, in the hills west of Brattleboro. We specialize in cut flower arrangements for weddings and other special occasions.

You can find us at the Brattleboro Area Farmers’ Market and the West River Farmers’ Market during the summer, and at the Brattleboro Winter Farmers' Market from November through March.

Our farm stand is open year round. You can buy flowers, maple syrup, maple candy, raw honey, berries, vegetables, and our own non-GMO popcorn right at the farm! We also ship our products.

(802) 254-3540
127 Marlboro Road
MamaSezz delivers whole food plant-based meals to your door, already cooked! You can also pickup ready-made meals at our Brattleboro store location Thursday through Saturday.

Get healthy meals on your table in minutes...no cooking required.

Not only does a whole foods plant-based diet give us the energy we need to live and love life, it also reduces the risk for some serious chronic illnesses, including heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and hypertension.

Keeping our bodies healthy helps the planet stay healthy, too. It's estimated if more folks tried a mostly plant-based diet, food-related greenhouse gas emissions could be reduced by 55 percent.

Pretty wild, huh? All from adding a few more plants to our plates. So, we're making it easy to do like your MamaSezz…eat your fruits and veggies!

All our meals are gluten-free, and oil-free. No added sugars, no added preservatives. Just healthy plant-based whole foods! Whether you’re a plant-based expert, a curious newbie, or a cheeseburger connoisseur, everyone’s welcome at our table

MuseArts, Inc.
PO Box 6005, Brattleboro, VT

MuseArts is a web design, graphics, and animation company serving the Southern Vermont region and beyond. Call us when your site needs rescuing, or you have a new project to begin. Since 1997.

MuseArts, Inc.
802 348 6802
Visit the WINE TASTING ROOM Sat/Sun (11 am - 5 pm) till November
226 Poocham Road
Local NH winery producing intense, fruit forward, approachable wines made from grapes grown in their 6-acre vineyard just 20 minutes from Brattleboro.

Owners of the Poocham Hill Winery, Mame ODette and Steve Robbins built out their winery in the 1830’s vintage barn in 2004. Poocham Hill farm became known for its garlic, fennel, heirloom tomatoes, and leeks but in 2010 Mame decided to retire from the fresh vegetable business and help make the winery into a successful business starting in 2011.

ODette and Robbins say wine making blends in perfectly with the rural character of the Monadnock Region. They're reluctant to expand much further, satisfied to perfect the operation as is, though they have added some semi-sweet wines to their inventory.

“Vineyards are another way of protecting open space and keeping the agricultural feel of the country in our area,” ODette says. “That's what agriculture is all about — neighbors helping neighbors.”

Opened in 2011, the winery creates some of the only varietal wines produced in New Hampshire and some very creative, new, and unique blends — expressing the soils, climate, and terroir of the Connecticut River hillsides where their vineyard is located.

The Poocham Hill Winery is open seasonally — from June through November — Saturdays and Sundays (11 am - 5 pm). Or by appointment. Please call ahead for large groups.

Poocham Hill Winery
Sētu Yoga & Meditation Destination
241 Quails Hill Rd Brattleboro, Vermont
Specializing in ashtanga yoga, gong meditation, chanting Ayurvedic Cooking and eastern philosophy.

Sētu Yoga & Meditation Destination currently offers sessions in Mysore Style Ashtanga yoga, gong meditation, Ayurvedic cooking, eastern philosophy, and Sanskrit chanting. We also have overnight lodging for those coming from afar who wish to enjoy programming in a beautiful setting.

It’s a mini ashram experience, without the jet lag, and with a few more amenities.

WVEW 107.7fm
139 Main St, Ste 706b, Brattleboro, VT
WVEW 107.7 LP is Brattleboro, Vermont’s community radio station. Free of corporate influence, we embrace free speech and engaging discussion around the topics that shape our community and the world around us.

WVEW 107.7 LP is Brattleboro, Vermont’s community radio station. Free of corporate influence, we embrace free speech and engaging discussion around the topics that shape our community and the world around us. More than 50 DJ’s and volunteers contribute time, energy and dedication to support the station. Our schedule features a wide range of musical genres, and alternative news services like Free Speech Radio News and Democracy Now.

We welcome and train new DJs and volunteers.

If you live within the broadcast range of WVEW and would like to become a DJ, underwriter, or you just have something to say to us,please CONTACT US.  We will get in touch with you to discuss your show and to schedule training.