UPS Delivery Problems?

Has anyone else been having problems receiving delivery from the Brattleboro UPS terminal? I have had a package “out for delivery” in Marlboro for four days now (Friday, Monday, Tuesday, and today) and at the end of each day I get an email that the package is delayed, even though the UPS tracking system says it’s on the truck. An email to UPS has had no response, and it’s impossible to speak to anyone at the UPS 800 number.

Should Brattleboro Hold Representative Town Meeting?

With the flurry of cancellations and postponements in the area, would it be smart to postpone Brattleboro’s Representative Town Meeting?

On one hand, Brattleboro hasn’t had any confirmed cases. And there is a bit of time pressure on representatives to pass the budget before the fiscal year ends. Perhaps it would be best to get this out of the way early and hold it as scheduled.

Seeking Moving Advice or Recommendations

Hello friends,

I’m moving the contents of my apartment into a storage space here in Brattleboro in about a month.

In 2012, I hired Crofter’s to move me, and their rates seemed fair. Now, they’ve been bought by a company in Lebanon, NH, and their minimum is $800. That’s more than my monthly rent. My stuff can easily fit into a small rental truck. $800 is ridiculous.

How to Watch Harris Hill on BCTV?

Big front page story in Ref this am about all the prep for & equipment & etc to “broadcast” today’s Harris Hill Ski Jump o BCTV.  Many of us, of course, aren’t on cable (not available here) so I thought I’d try the online live stream.  Clicked on the link given in the Reformer article & got an error message.

Been poking around on the BCTV site — found the 2019 jump!  But can’t find today’s — if it’s really there.

Is This A Scam?

I received a letter – that talks about a local neighborhood online network called Nextdoor Brattleboro..

It says my street name in the head line of the text.

Is this for real?

Election Results?

There was an election yesterday to choose directors for the new district school board.  Admittedly, it was a pretty low-profile affair.   None of the local media have reported the results (the newspapers, of course, went to press too early to await the results, and the local radio station seemed oblivious; nothing posted in the WSESU website, either, tho they were the ones tallying the returns.)

Heat Pump Questions

I am considering purchase of a heat pump. I want to understand my choices an make a good decision. 

Last year I had a visit from an Fujitsu installer, but for several reasons I did not feel comfortable making a decision,  

For one thing: How could I be confident in the brand selection since he was not also a Mitsubishi installer? He told me that Fujitsu is better, but how could I consider that to be impartial advice? 

Post Office Protester?

Whatever happened to the man who used to protest something unspecified in front of the Main Street post office always trailing computer print-out pages that he regularly stopped to switch with other trailing computer print-out pages from the back seat of his car?