Today is 5 -10- 20

Nothing spectacular, but the date today is 5/10/20, which has a nice doubling to it.

Five times two is ten, ten times two is twenty.

It’s the little things! Happy Mothers Day.

Let Justice Be Done!

When I was a new real estate agent (new kid on the block) a couple of times my ability to stand up for myself was tested. It is a funny thing, but in a big real estate agency the fellow at the next desk — officially your fellow team member — can be your worst adversary.

There was an in-house fee split situation in which my “fellow team member” (Let’s call him Mike) managed to get my check shorted by $100, which was add to Mike’s check. Our managing broker had written the incorrect check amounts after Mike had lied to him about the agreement we had between us.

Although I had correspondence supporting my claim, the managing broker would not do anything to correct it. Warning me about future dealings, the managing broker said: “You’ve got to be strong with Mike.” Taking his advice to heart, I filed a small claims lawsuit against Mike.

Census 2020 – Every Person in your Household Counts!

With the US Census just around the corner, many people have questions as to who they should count on their census form.  With 675 Billion dollars in federal aid programs on the line – the answer is – Everybody!

The US Census Bureau estimates that in 2010, more than 1,000,000 children were undercounted in the Census, and it is important that this does not happen again.  School lunch programs, special education funds, and other benefits that flow to our communities are based on the numbers returned in the 2020 Census.

2020 Creeps Up

Probably because of all the other distractions of the world, 2020 is sort of sneaking up on us. It’s the turn of a decade and the start of our third decade of the 21st century. It has the symmetrical 20’s in there, too. One would think we’d be growing in decade-related hype by now.

2000 ushered in some big changes, and those 20 and under have lived with them just about their entire lives.

Excerpt from The Hidden History of the Planet Earth

This is an edited excerpt from The Hidden History of the Planet Earth by Robert Morning Sky.

Morning Sky describes President Eisenhower meeting in 1954 with an emissary from another planet named “KRLL”.

The grey Being is nearly six feet tall. His head is an oddity; it is very large and possesses two large black eyes that dominate his face. His nose is large; his mouth, ears and chin disproportionately small.

Got Toxics?

Windham Solid Waste Management District (WSWMD) is hosting two household hazardous waste events on Saturday, October 19, from 8 am until noon. One event is being held at the WSWMD Transfer Station, 327 Old Ferry Road, Brattleboro; the other event is at the Stratton Transfer Station, 9 W. Jamaica Road, Stratton.


I just got some very bad news: my iCloud account has been breached. Hacking into the cloud can have some very disastrous results.

The nice iPeople were so worried that they have attempted to contact me at least sixteen times in the last two days.

Needless to say, I’m very concerned.

Come to Find Out the Secrets of Freemasonry at the Brattleboro Masonic Lodge’s Open House, Sat. May 18th

Freemasonry is the oldest fraternity in the world and evolved out of the stonemason trade guilds that went back to Biblical times. After the Renaissance, and with the start of the Reformation, and during the Age of Enlightenment, more individuals of learning, business people, and those from the nobility wanted to consider alternative ideas in philosophy, science, and government that were not considered acceptable topics for public discourse. They found tiled lodges of fraternal Freemasonry excellent venues for presenting papers on different subjects and receiving feedback regarding the thesis they advanced.

Past Life Regression – Believe It or Not

Past Life Regression and Age Regression use hypnosis to help you retrieve forgotten memories from this life or from a different life from the past. Regressions are often used to help a client remember a traumatic past event, which remains unresolved in the subconscious mind and results in anxieties or phobias which seem to have no apparent cause. When the forgotten memory is made conscious and brought to a conscious level of understanding, the phobia or anxiety often disappears. In the case of past life regressions, it is held that memories from before the current life can be retrieved.

Hurricanes and Explosions

They aren’t happening here, but a hurricane in the mid-Atlantic and a series of explosions near Andover are causing nightmares for many other people, including much of my family.

My aunt and uncle live in North Andover. They’re fine, Aunt Nancy reports, but had to evacuate. She said they are one town over, safe, but are worried about friends. They were having trouble reaching friends and neighbors last night.

Beware: Brattleboro Area Chamber Spoof/Scam

This morning I got a very official looking email from “Susan Walker” , who claims to be from the Brattleboro Area Chamber of Commerce. The subject: “2018 Updated Business License.”

The message says “Please see attached for the new business License to carry out your daily business activities,failure to get new license will result in penalty on your business,thanks.” and is followed by “Susan Walker,” the Chamber’s mailing address, and the Brattleboro Area Chamber of Commerce logo.

Lots of Out of Town Plates

Just an observation. This summer it seems like we’ve had a lot of out of state visitors, judging by license plates.

I’ve seen South Carolina, Florida, all of new England, California, Kansas, Alaska, and even Hawaii. Many more, too.

Tall Buildings

(The accepted definition of a skyscraper is any building whose height exceeds 150 meters (nearly 500 feet)

I always thought NYC had more skyscrapers than anyone.
Wrong, it’s Hong Kong with 303 to NYC’s 238.
A shockingly surprising third is Dubai, (United Arab Emirates) with 148
Next is Shanghai with 126.

Old Sneakers

Anybody got a pair or two of old sneakers they’re not using?

I want to tie the laces together and toss them over the telephone wires.

Merciless Indian Savages

Quote: “He has…endeavored to bring on the inhabitants of our frontiers, the merciless Indian Savages whose known rule of warfare, is an undistinguished destruction of all ages, sexes and conditions.”